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Experimenting with stuff. Kinda followup to this piece.
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tran4of3, I love this! IMO it's the best Ranma artwork I've ever seen. Her expression, vibrancy, nervous excitement, and stunningly beautiful cuteness, all expertly done. Pure awesomeness!
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as long as she never touches hot water
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Guess I got my answer to this, check out the other piece to see my question.
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Bwaahaahaahaa! This is great! It's the perfect followup to the prev pic, and the caption is perfect :D
Eyes are the wrong color but asthetically they look better some how
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Ahhh... Ranma and his cockiness as usual :P

Look where it got him!
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Man, you know what nobody does that I would think is natural for Ranma fanart? Guy-Akane.

I look for Guykane everywhere, and like five people have ever given the concept a fair shake.
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There's actually a pretty good amount of Akuna-kun art at the Ranma Books site. It's mostly behind the Defenders paywall, though. And it's all hentai... but it's good hentai! :)
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There are few girl!Ryoga too

Hmm...I'm going to do an ilustration with Ryoga and Ranma with swaped curses.
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There are a few, and more than a few stories on it.
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No but I want more though
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Well, there's always my favorite answer:
Drawing or paying someone to draw more :3
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Queing Shampoo and Ukyo crashing in t-minus 5.... 4... 3... 2...
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Ranma has Blue Eye's FYI but love the Ranma pieces keep em coming!!! (Also agree with the other comment about the Nose)
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:rofl: When does Ranma think anything through? I wonder how his dumb luck saves him this time.
Yeah, the nose looks a bit off. Maybe if it were a little smaller.
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Bit of a style shift? Ranma looks great!
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Thanks! Yeah, trying to fumble with my style some, add more details to the faces. Noses look weird on anime characters.
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They do...I think this works pretty well as a "more realistic" style compared with your more 'toony work!

(Noses look pretty weird in general, when you get right down to wonder they're so hard to draw.)
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Is the groom Kuno or Akane?
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I sincerely hope it's Kuno for the sheer 'lolz' factor I would get from that mental image.
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I kind of wonder if she'll live to see the wedding, cause Ranma's kind of under a pact to be the manliest martial artist ever or die horribly.
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