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E3 2019 was a trip. Wanted to tribute to much of the good, but couldn't do all of course. Good times!
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Banjo-Kazooie being in Smash Bros gives a tear for the 64 gamers
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Sploonly-2Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The man, the legend, KEANU REAVES
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You're breathtaking!
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SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist
The very best of the best.
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KeithmanssStudent Artisan Crafter
i was expecting steve from minecraft but Banjo-Kazooie was ok too
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abxylr36Student Digital Artist
Where's the dog from Ubisoft conference. You got two of the e3 trilogy
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Jetvoidfox96Student General Artist
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What is the girl underneath Keanu from?
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She's the water gym leader in the new pokemon games.
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MentalCrashProfessional Digital Artist
E3 this years was memetastic.
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Y'know, you aren't wrong.
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dragolianxStudent Filmographer
Don't think you're slick bowsette, what did you do at E3?
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I see that sneaky Bowsette you added...
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Keanu Reeves and the cute Japanese dev girl were legit the only parts of E3 I watched online
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What happened with “the cute Japanese dev girl”? I must have missed that part.
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YouTube search Ikumi Nakamura. It was some horror game from Bethesda that she was on stage about, and she was adorable
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I just watched it, oh my goodness! X3
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I would hug her and pet her and pledge to protect her.
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Okay, thanks. 
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StoryMan1Student Writer

Grannys gonna getcha

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No More Heroes 3, Banjo in Smash and Ganondorf for BotW 2 were my highlights.
Of those who were revealed at this E3.
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ProfessMHobbyist Photographer
Beach [Bowsette] looks good in a tie.
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