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Commission by Coredumperror!

Sometimes when people fight so much, they might lose sight of whether they really want to win the current battle or not.

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And then Akane crowned him with a nightstand.
rphb's avatar
To be fair, Ranma is also a better cock than Akene so I am not even sure she have domestic skills in her favour
Freezer88's avatar
I think you meant "cook?" (Maybe?)
rphb's avatar
oh right, we are not talking about chickens here
CoalofDomestication's avatar
She does have a point.
hamursh's avatar
Does this remind you of something from The Little Mermaid?
SwappyShira's avatar
Aweeeesooomeeee ^^
Yup, that's Ranma alright.
lotus-dark's avatar
Heh, nice pic! Always got a feeling that Ranma occasionally, only very occasionally liked being a girl. Lol.
Worldofli3s's avatar
Akana was the worst girl in all anime, the MC was a better girl and he was male.

Tsundere is just a very nice way of calling a female a bitch.

planxtafroggie's avatar
Love that fluffy skirt! ^^
Akane would later find out that Ranma did indeed seduce Ryoga on her honeymoon.  She just wished she hadn't decided to name her little Yoiko after herself.
DC-Fat-Gorillas's avatar
Reminds me from that episode from the manga when another Ranma comes from a mirror.
X-Terminator12's avatar
I remember this episode, probably one of the strangest, but funnny. As against this Ranko Chan, was really more annoying =P
DC-Fat-Gorillas's avatar
It gets worse when a male Ranma comes from the mirror.
X-Terminator12's avatar
Probably, but the problem is that as it was a girl, she is even more annoying, to create problems for Akane, she considered a rival, it's almost finally realize that most odious Shampoo. On an episode is fun, but it would become in the long run, quite boring :P

Akane is her own worst problem though. The mirror clone of Ranma-chan wasn't actually annoying though? Akane was just being a piece of crap if you think about it. She constantly fights with Ranma and denies liking him, but then immediately beats him up and says that he is cheating on her if another girl even looks at him. What I am saying is, why would it be wrong for any other girl to try and seduce Ranma when Akane has made it clear countless of times that she does not like him? I mean sure, the manga hints at that she is lying... but why should that matter? If she says she doesn't like him then she should just leave him the hell alone and not attack other girls that try to get on his good side.

DC-Fat-Gorillas's avatar
I agree. Shampoo can be really annyoing.
X-Terminator12's avatar
I see we have the same opinion. Personally I like well enough Ranko Chan created by my friend 11angenoir. She's cute, sweet, lovely, and as completely offset relative to the other characters, which is really interssant and original, but perhaps a little too crybaby for my taste, but it is his artistic choices XD ! ;P
DC-Fat-Gorillas's avatar
I saw his Ranko Chan too. I think his Ranko Chan is based on the Ranma Girl that was in Episode 49, when Ranma gets amnesia and believe he's truly a girl.

Rama is a girl though when in female form. It literally says it in the description. He is cursed to turn into a girl. Him denying it because doesn't make it any less true.

X-Terminator12's avatar
In fact, he prefers this version, but for her personality, he also greatly inspired the character of Anne Shirley, who is one of the old school manga, he prefers to the side, more dreamy and wacky, of the character. I do not know if you know ? ;)
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