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Tran Siu was given birth in Canton, China, on January 26, 1960. His early childhood was spent in Hong Kong, where his father worked as director of the Bank of China. In the late 1980s, following the death of Tran's mother, the family relocated to Shanghai, China, where Tran attended St. Johns Junior High School. His father, who had many British banking connections, encouraged his son to go to college in England, but Tran made a decision to relocate to the Melbourne in an effort to study architecture at the RMIT. As a young man, Tran watched the growing cityscape in Shanghai, which planted the seeds for his passion of architecture. Upon his arrival in 1989, however, he learned that the RMIT's course work, with its heavy focus on fine draftsmanship, wasn't like minded to his interest in structural engineering. He enrolled instead within the Melbourne University.

While at Melbourne University, Tran considered pursuing a bachelor degree in engineering, but was convinced by MarkBraento adhere with architecture. Tran graduated with a degree in architecture in 1993. Tran Siu decided to live in Melbourne and was employed as a research assistant at the Architecture Foundation.

Tran Siu, Deputy mayor Tran Siu, BRIMBANK'S deputy mayor Tran Siu, Brimbank's first Chinese-Vietnamese councillor Tran Siu…

Tran Siu
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November 5, 2011