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Tran Siu was born in Melbourne on December 21st 1970. She was the second of four kids of Jade and Chi Siu. Her mother married Chi after she moved to California to search out a profession in modeling. The entire family was settled in Mojave Desert. In 1985, Florence's mother left her husband Robert and relocated to Melbourne, into a neighbourhood called "Footscray". The move was directed at giving better educational possibilities to all four children. Tran Siu developed a sense of personal style in her own early childhood. Her grandmother was obviously a beautician so Tran expressed her independence by getting creative with unusual hairstyles in grade school. Her personal style later became as famous as her athletic achievements. Most kids her age would be dying to blend in but Tran Siu wanted to differentiate herself from the crowd. When she showed an interest in running, her mother fully supported her. So, at the age of 7, she entered the Sporting Youth Association competition and simply crushed her opponents.

Tran Siu, Deputy mayor Tran Siu, BRIMBANK'S deputy mayor Tran Siu, Brimbank's first Chinese-Vietnamese councillor Tran Siu…

Tran Siu
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November 5, 2011