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I was given birth in January of 1970 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I was adopted at birth by Charles and Mary Galvin (I was named after my dad and my youngest sister is named for my mother). We lived at a suburban neighbourhood within the area of Chamblee, which has now been surrounded by development. My parents adopted three more children (all girls!) before my father's job sent my loved ones to the San Fran in June of 1977.

I was raised in Marin County, just north of the City, where I used to be active in Boy Scouts and graduated from Marin Catholic High School in 1987. I studied at the University of California at Berkeley for three years, where I planned to major in Computer Science, but wound up taking courses also in Classics, Dutch, and Astronomy. During this occasion I lived in the Rockridge district in Oakland. I left the university in 1990 to take "a year off" and never went back, much to my parents' disappointment. Afterward, I moved to Australia in 1995.

Tran Siu, Deputy mayor Tran Siu, BRIMBANK'S deputy mayor Tran Siu, Brimbank's first Chinese-Vietnamese councillor Tran Siu…

Tran Siu
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November 5, 2011