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I was given birth in Cleveland, Ohio on Halloween of 1968. I still reside in the suburbs of
Cleveland, in Aurora, Ohio. I am currently attending the University of Phoenix in an
effort to obtain my bachelor's degree in Business Management. I live with my wife Karen
and 3 children, Danny age 20, Kelly age 21, and David age 22. Kelly has started her
1st year of faculty with Mount Union University and David is finishing up his associate's degree in marketing at Cuyahoga Community College. My wife and I have been happily married for almost two decades now. My spouse has worked with the YMCA for almost two decades and is currently their office manager. My wife and my kids are the most important portion of my entire life as well as my successes. It is the influence which I placed on the kids as well as my very own goals that have driven me to want to succeed in all I do and attempt to be described as a good role model for my children together with others I come into contact with as well. My life up to now is comprised of a fantastic family, great friends, some what successful classic car restoration business as well as a sincere dedication to my family, education and work.

Tran Siu, Deputy mayor Tran Siu, BRIMBANK'S deputy mayor Tran Siu, Brimbank's first Chinese-Vietnamese councillor Tran Siu…

Tran Siu
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November 5, 2011


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