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Sick humor.

Luna still needs to learn what an acceptable joke is. :iconmingcryplz:
Anyway, this is a commission for the amazing :iconbiomonger:
Wahhh, it looks way better then expected ;v; im so happy!

Rarity and princess Luna belong to hasbro
Art made by me

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Fabuderp base (no horn) by PrincessRobocop
Now you can make your own oc as bootyfull and fab as luna!
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So does Luna have dreams like that at all or is there an interpretation of Rarity's dream that everyone thinks fits Luna well?
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Oh yes ofcourse, go ahead!
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dark comedy is best comedy
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I love her.

She's awesome.
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Yeah, princess Luna is awesome princess ever and I love Luna too
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The dark theme of this is amazing, plus the joke at the end omg xD
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XD lol dammmnnn luna, back at it at giving rarity them wet dreams
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Wow, Luna...that's sick. XD
Rofl!This needs to be a new meme!
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Luna's expression is just priceless. XD
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oh good! i thought she was dying, cause eventually the body floats back up 0u0
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luna....? LUNA!? OH-NO NO NO LUNA NO NO....fuck
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mmm, DEM WET DREAMS THOU GIF Gravity Falls - Celestabellebethabelle 
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wet dreams will leave you annoyed  ^_^
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I couldn't resist and use your base :D
I added your icon in description (with link to base), so it's ok, right?
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Ofcourse it's okay!
Could I maybe see it? ^^
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