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New Bluwton (page 3)

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FINALLY after sooo long I did it
page 3

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I stopped lining comics with color line art cuz that shit just takes TOO much time bruh

Lindsay Wildwave belongs to my friend Kurtis (sadly he deleted his deviantart for reasons :()
Viviane and Scooter belong to me
Art made by me
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Ok this is cute 😊

qualiva's avatar

"So sorry we almost drowned you". They realize that as it's happening, not before.

QueenWoomyRose48688's avatar
Her face though at the end xD
QueenWoomyRose48688's avatar
Also, may I make drowning Lindsay a base?
dancinninjac's avatar
That dolphin!

Everything else is adorable though.

But that dolphin!
firecharge44371's avatar
Is it me or does the protagonist look cute when she is drowning
Chespinite's avatar
I wonder if Wildwave will go to a village of enslaved seaponies and accidentally gets distracted by a pretty fish she never saw before. Vivianne then says to Scooter: "We should have grabbed a unicorn...".

How does that sound? I'm full of ideas!

Check my FanFiction!
KiaraStar66 | FanFiction
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XDD i like the idea of Lindsay not paying attention to it.

Thanks for the idea UvU :heart:
No. Obviously she doesn't understand why; you didn't give her a reason. You just asserted that there was one.
DarkNeon-64's avatar
Nice page!!! :D

I know, its sad that he is not here anymore :/  But don't worry,   I'll show him the picture ;)
TraLaLayla's avatar
Thanks for making sure he sees it ^^
But I already send it to him through something else.
ANiceCupOfCocoa's avatar
I can't get over your amazing expressions XD
Animatorsnake's avatar
Out of all the randomness that's happening in this comic, I think the best part of this is panel 2, that dolphin face
tigreanpony's avatar
Ok you have caught my attention, need to go back to the other two pages.
TraLaLayla's avatar
Hope you enjoyed them ^^
AJR001's avatar
That speech was so fast even Pinkie Pie would be impressed. Also, that spelling though... :XD:
TraLaLayla's avatar
Is it that bad D:
AJR001's avatar
Not much, these things tend to happen... :XD:
SPARTAN064's avatar
"I can breath" is supposed to have an "E" on the end.... Breathe.

TraLaLayla's avatar
I'll fix it later today
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