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Rarity: .......... wait, WHAT? WHY WOULD SHE TELL YOU THAT?

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sweetie belle: I don't know

Rarity: well, that is unladylike of Miss Cheerilee to be telling kids about that, she and I will going to have a talk for what she did is wrong. Why don't you and your friends go to sugarcube corner? I give you some bits, you don't deserve to hear for what she tell you my dear sweet little sister.

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I am an awkward.....nerd
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Wrong comment place .... awkward
This comment shall be on the cupcakes comic of that guy
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dont blame her
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omg I cant sop laghing!!!!
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:iconprettyrarityplz: - ( ͡°_ ͡°)
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Reminds me of Dan from Game Grump's story of how "The Talk" went with his dad.

[Riding down familiar road, listening to music in silence . Dan's dad suddenly turns music down.]

"Eh, Dan. Eehhh, do you know about, eehhh, sex?"
"Yeah. Yeah I know."

[End. Turns music back up. Never talked about it again.]
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Cheerilee icon  and thats how fillys are made!
Green Ribbon-chew  ........uhhAHHHHHH
Scootaloo (Aww) Plz LETS GET OUT OF HERE
Apple Bloom clapping icon  YEAH
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After I had the dreaded 'talk'
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"That's right young'un, next thing you know you'll be squeezing out babies like nobody's business. Ah, good times"
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Ahh... next is how they are fed.
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