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Commission: Trick or treat

By Trakker
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Trick or treat commission,

Commissioners character Alex, and i was told i could use one of my characters, Rin then lol

Alex is 2011 Cheetara and Rin is the Pink Panther, they have a pretty big haul already XD

Want something like this, my commissions are open

This one cost $19.45
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Very cool! Dat Cheetara, man ;u;
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Dat indeed X3
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Not bad at all, broh.
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Nice way to get into the holiday spirit ^^
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mmmmm what if I say treat? >w>
hehe well they are really really cute. and I can see they are getting a lot of candies. I really have no idea way.. >w> hehe you drew the, very well. that purple kitty is really cute. I like her eyes and the way you did ehr cutely licking the lollipop. nice job on her body too. she co a cute belly. oh and I like her costume too. and Rin looks pretty cute wearing that costume. bu looks like its a bit small for "them" >w> hehe well the paws are super cute. and her face look adorable too. the colors and shadows are pretty good. I like the night feeling. awesome job buddy!
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I know, so much candy, it's a mystery X3

Yeah poor Rin, costume shops never have the Plus+ sizes lol

thanks again XD
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hehe yeah but I'm sure they are happy >w>

and I'm actually happy they didn't have the plus+ size <w<

hehe welcome buddy!
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XD Nice work on the shading.
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