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Commission: Spin that bottle

By Trakker
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First Commission from :iconbiggestsonicfan: to do a mischevious Etna. She enjoys deals that she cant really loose at.

than again, alot of guys and gals i'm sure would also think this deal is "winwin"

hope you enjoy the queen of the Netherworld X3

More info on commissions here - [link]

Etna and prinny are (c) nis/koei/takara harada
Art by myself
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© 2009 - 2021 Trakker
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I sure will.  In fact, i was already enjoying her the first time i got into Disgaea.  Good work by the way.
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Something tells me that no matter who it lands on I'm gonna get screwed over in the end. Oh caution be damned, I'll try.
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Not sure the risk equates to the reward.
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I pass. Anyone can see the bottle's rigged.
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prinny cola! xD
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The hardcore Etna fans would change it from just a kiss, to a kiss and eternal slavery. For them, it'd be a dream come true.
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The way how the colors are done is amazing! The expression on her is kinda cute and sinister to me. Awesome job dood! :la:

and yes.. SPIN IT (but not for a kiss...)
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haha, thanks XD
blue-flame-kitsune's avatar
Your welcome :3

did I win yet? :0
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Grrrr, I don't like Etna =/ *Grabs the bottle and hits Etna on the head with it*

Either way, nicely drawn work, despite my hatred for the character.
Trakker's avatar
aww, she aint that bad lol
Icyshadowlord's avatar
No use trying to tell me that XD
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Deal dood:dummy:spin the bottle.:la::la::la:common dood:la::la:
ArtPrinny's avatar
Your slave forever, Master Etna:heart:

(I'm a Prinny already, so sucking up helps)
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win win win for me XD

ok i accept!
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Looking around in your gallery, this picture caught my eye. Very cute x3 Her pose is outstanding, and her expression really wraps up the whole pic <33 But what I really like is how you lightened the pic. :heart:
Very cute job <33 and, if it's not to much to ask, would you mind telling me what fandom this character is from? I've seen her around the net a couple of times and she seems interesting x3 lol
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Thanks XD

She is Etna, and she is from the SRPG Disgaea

Psychotic-Strawberry's avatar
No prob <3

Ahh, ok I'll be sure to cheak it out X3
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Well that's Etna for you.
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I'd fight her test her out...*blushes* and um...if i lost i'll be her slave...if i >//>
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sounds like a plan
ZanTheHawk's avatar
oh yes~

so whats the "secret"?
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