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Here to deliver some Bad Luck.
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My Heart Will Go On.
At first I thought losing you was just temporary.
You'd wait up in Heaven with Uncle Mark and Tara
and Stanford and Grandma Jackie and Grandma Connie
and Grampy Doug and Granny Annie and Grandpa Gene.
I thought I'd lost you for a little bit but not forever.
I thought I'd lost all of them for a little bit but not forever.
It hurt so much when you left that I wanted to rip myself in two
but I was comforted because you wouldn't be gone forever.
But I was wrong.
Losing you isn't temporary at all…
because I never lost you at all.
You're there every time I feel a cool breeze on  a too-hot summer day
Every time your granddaughter smiles
Every time a firefly blinks just long enough for me to grab it.  
Every time I close my eyes and see your grinning face reflected on the inside of my eyelids.  
And you are up in Heaven, waiting with my uncles and aunts and grandparents and sister,
but you're here, too,
in hearts and memories
and happy smiles and careless lau
:icontrainxeve-fan:TrainxEve-Fan 2 0
Psycho Love. by TrainxEve-Fan Psycho Love. :icontrainxeve-fan:TrainxEve-Fan 10 5 heart ache. by TrainxEve-Fan
Mature content
heart ache. :icontrainxeve-fan:TrainxEve-Fan 3 5
No better. by TrainxEve-Fan No better. :icontrainxeve-fan:TrainxEve-Fan 6 0 all of the above. by TrainxEve-Fan all of the above. :icontrainxeve-fan:TrainxEve-Fan 33 11 the girls being wicked awesome by TrainxEve-Fan the girls being wicked awesome :icontrainxeve-fan:TrainxEve-Fan 5 10 Sugar and Spice by TrainxEve-Fan Sugar and Spice :icontrainxeve-fan:TrainxEve-Fan 88 12 Spade and Clover by TrainxEve-Fan Spade and Clover :icontrainxeve-fan:TrainxEve-Fan 19 7 angelic? by TrainxEve-Fan angelic? :icontrainxeve-fan:TrainxEve-Fan 7 2
Big Sister.
They say her name was Tara.
:icontrainxeve-fan:TrainxEve-Fan 2 3
Gone Home.
Wear it smeared down your cheeks
like a badge that reads;
"I survived."
Big Brother.
Daddy said,
"I'm the big brother now...
How does that...
How does that happen?"
And that was what made me weep.
:icontrainxeve-fan:TrainxEve-Fan 2 1
LEVEL UP. by TrainxEve-Fan LEVEL UP. :icontrainxeve-fan:TrainxEve-Fan 54 20 Point of Impact. by TrainxEve-Fan
Mature content
Point of Impact. :icontrainxeve-fan:TrainxEve-Fan 5 7
people always watching every second.
happy face.
please go away.
can't you see i want to be alone?
insincere sentiments
'i'm sorry's just not good enough.
let's play pretend
like it doesn't hurt although it does
and just shut your mouth and smile.
friends try to comfort but they don't really care
they just want you to go back to
happy face.
please go away.
because it hurts to smile so much.
can't you see the smile's fake
just like me?
he's gone and no one cares
but me
and maybe two, three, others.
i need some comfort
but the rest of the world expects me to just keep smiling and...
happy face.
another one?
How many cracks can a single person hold?
the wounds won't clot or scar or close
they just keep bleeding
wonder where the bullet hit?
cause it feels like it went through him
and hit me, too.
please, come back, please, please
too much pressure from people everywhere
God, please give him back
:icontrainxeve-fan:TrainxEve-Fan 1 1
a little bit of... by TrainxEve-Fan a little bit of... :icontrainxeve-fan:TrainxEve-Fan 38 2 I just... by TrainxEve-Fan I just... :icontrainxeve-fan:TrainxEve-Fan 5 3
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United States
:heart: food. manga. drawing. writing. acting. singing. video games. silliness. happiness. milk. poetry. spamming. skirts. frills. ruffles and bows. flowers. pink. blue. you..

Look at yourself, now back at me, now back at yourself now back to me. Sadly, you aren't me. But if you stopped being so fail you could smell like me. Look down, back up. Where are you? You're on deviantart with the girl you could smell like. Look at your hand. I have it! It's an oyster with two tickets to that thing you love. The tickets are now diamonds! Anything's possible when you smell like awesome and not a n00b. I'm on a horse.

Loljk. I love you guys. Seriously. Every single one of you. Without exception.

I chose my username when I was a n00b and have since been too lazy to make a new account.

:iconceramicrose: <----Too lazy to make a new avatar just yet OTL.
I decided to make a new account!  I won't be deleting much of anything in this account accept what I choose to transfer over to the new one, sooooo...
Come watch me, pretty please?  :iconprettyplz:

God Bless,
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