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Current Residence: Where it's so hot the rivers don't run, they walk, and everything comes al a mode
Favourite genre of music: Eclectic
Favourite style of art: Silver Age American comics.
Skin of choice: Werewolf
Favourite cartoon character: DD, My guy Dreadwolf, Jon Talbain, and the Beast (X-men)

Favourite Visual Artist
Jack Kirby, Will Eisner, Joe Mad, da guys at Udon, Iczerman,Steve Ditko,
Favourite Movies
The Wolf Man (1941, natch)
Favourite Writers
Stan Lee, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Poe, Dante, Lovecraft
Favourite Games
Darkstalkers and Conkers bad fur day
Tools of the Trade
Any pencil, micron pens, markers, colored pencils, ruler, comic boards
Other Interests
Werewolves, American comics, Darkstalkers, Universal Horror films, martial arts
The more I surf on here, the more I see people trying to fight AI art (or at least what's being peddled by devart), and again, all I can say is that it really is over for human artists and writers. Or more accurately, it's over for those seeking to make a LIVING as an artist or writer, because why should a publisher pay some human writer $100 or more from a story as well as a human artist for the same or more to make a cover for said story, when a machine can do it just as good or better? It'll save you money and you won't have to deal with some artist/writer fighting you "over their VISION!" or money! You can make a story/artwork according to market specifications without any headache AND reap the profits! Now, there's nothing WRONG with improving your skills or doing art as a HOBBY, especially in the coming future, but in terms of making a living at art or writing in the next twenty or fifty years? Nope, those days are gone. AI's here to stay, so you'd better get used to it. And if
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Where to go?

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Hi Everyone! So, as many of you know, the vast majority of artists on here are leaving for other sites due to AI art and DevArts policies thereof. Now, that's all well and good for PRO artists (people whose art makes them money or they are able to draw at the accepted level for 'pro'). But what about the SHIT artists, like me? Where will we go when the whole site implodes? The answer to that is....nowhere. We're fucked. Aside from some older sites like FA and Newgrounds (whose days are numbered too) the vast majority of artsites, or at least new artsites, have a "Pros only" style policy. So if you're someone at my level or worse, you're pretty much boned unless you can code your own website. You're free to comment and leave sites that may accept someone at my level or worse, but it won't do any good since they'll be gone too.
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Hey-Howdy-Hey, Wreckers and Wreckettes! I will be blunt; Everyone's struggling with money these days, myself included, so, for the first time in a long time, I am, as the title says, thinking about taking...........commissions. What I DON'T know is how much I should charge, if I decided to do this. Now, from my perspective and given my artistic....................................................................................."capabilities"'s what I would consider to be a "reasonable" pricelist. Pencil.....$0.25 Ink, no shade.......$0.50 Ink, shade.......$0.75 Color.......$1.00 I shit you not, this is what I think my art is worth. However, many, MANY people I've talked to say my art is worth considerably more, and that's why I'm writing this journal. I'd like to know what you guys honestly think my art's worth, and what I should charge for it should I go into commissions. I might also leave a poll since this is kind of a statistical thing too.
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Thank you for the watch!:)

Thank you for the :+fav:

No problem, it was my pleasure! And thank you for watching me!

Apologies for coming into your profile comments, but I've already blocked TMNTFAN85. So, what exactly are you talking about? I'm not defending "The Loud House", heck I hate it too. Just any/all form of incestuous support (along with other disgusting things on his profile) is what I was talking about.

Ahhh, I see. While I admit that I am not a fan of incest either, the reason I watch TMNTFAN85 is that he riles up The Loud House Fandom something fierce, which is actually a thousand times more entertaining than the show itself. Plus he's also a fan of the Universal Monsters and most comic books, something I also happen to be.

But it's mostly because he causes TLH Fandom to just collectively flip their shit and it's funny as hell to see.