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Wholesome headcanon: When Duke was rediscovered, Sir Handel and Peter Sam planned for their "Granpuff"s next birthday to be a massive catchup session for all the birthdays he missed. Duke was insisting it wasn't nesscarry, but he was touched all the same.
Wait a minute. The grammatical way of titling is that articles, conjunctions, and prepositions are not capitalized, and yet when titling the song, "How Am I Supposed to Live without You," some capitalize "without," which is a preposition. Why capitalize that word when it's a preposition?
This book was part of my childhood right here. :) :aww:
For our Sesame Street fans to read, concerning the "I'm So Blue" scene... Yes, Carroll Spinney should rest in peace, but there is one actress in the scene never brought up: Tawny Richard. For those unaware, Tawny was playing "Rescue Girl" (the girl who remarks that Big Bird "sure does [look sad]") and sort of looked (but didn't sound) like Judith Barsi. She never acted again, but she became a successful student athlete. Tawny had only lived 19 years, as a car accident ended her life in summer 1996. Yes, her part was minor, and it's also true she wasn't well-known, but she was still significant.
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My Bio

Hi, everyone. I'm a lover of – as you can probably guess – trains and cartoons. It all started with my interest in "Thomas the Tank Engine" and "Sesame Street"…

Then I got interested in more TV shows – mostly animation-based – and the rest is history.


Okay, Brak. We get it. =P

People I get along with:

GTPS2Studios-2020: The creator of Kerry Adarvez as well as the whole "Kerry 150" series. And to be honest, if it weren't for him, I don't think I'd be as willing to be showcasing as much "Giant-related" art (although he's more in preference to the female ones, quite naturally).

SodorMatchMaker: Helps me with certain "Thomas the Tank Engine" stories whenever I'm having trouble with them (though quite naturally, he isn't the only one to do so).

ArthurEngine: The creator of a number of OCs for the show, "Robotboy", as well as making a good number of stamps, some of which are inspired by yours truly. ;)

DanTEHMan2001: A great person to talk to who agrees with me on a lot of things (though even for those he doesn't, we can still agree to disagree). He and I tend to – as the old saying goes – "tell it like it is" with each other (and there's no denying that).

Trevor-Kerensky: He and I both enjoy "Arthur", but also agree on some of the show's more… lackluster episodes. He is someone I enjoy talking to, and do tend to turn to whenever I have problems, which he often does his best to help me out with.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's plenty more where those came from… ;)

As for people I don't get along with… well, I'd prefer to disclose that info, mainly because I don't want to hurt any feelings (at least not any further, even if they were the ones who had initiated it).


- Only one request per person, and even then only up to ten. Other than that, ideas can be given, but that's all.

- Do not use my artwork in any form for your own personal gain.

- No use of my face sets for Trainz, Railworks, or Roblox reskins – or for that matter, reskins as a whole – especially of which are relating to OCs that are just uncreatively-made character recolors. The reason I've been making them in the first place was to inspire other users to make different expressions in the 3D format (whether for Trainz or otherwise).

- In addition, definitely don't use my faces for anything related to "Shed 17" or "Sodor Fallout" – PERIOD! – as simply put; I've no interest in those A.U. series.

- Constructive criticism is welcome. However, insults will not be tolerated.

- No role-playing in the comments, nor asking me to do so. First off, I've no interest in role-play. While I've once enjoyed doing so, it had since worn me out. Plus, I find it to be little more than spam.

- And lastly, never ever twist my words, or especially my intentions!

Thomas The Tank Engine Stamp
It Has To Be Said
Aladdin: Genie Stamp
Disney Stamp - Cinderella 005
beauty and he Beast stamp 03
90's CARTOONS FAN stamp
That's Not What Criticism Is and You Know It
Dislike and Hate are different Stamp
Friendship stamp
(Request) PLEASE, Just Don't
Do I have to explain this?
Fandoms and Opinions
Stamp: Immaturity?
Stamp - Don't U liek it?
I'm nice online, unless you piss me off
Picky Eaters
Dont need to be popular Stamp
Motivation Stamp
Seriously. It has.
Age for these shows really doesn't matter
There are good ones and bad ones.

Favourite Movies
Most Disney Animated Movies (such as "Beauty and the Beast", "Aladdin", "Tangled", etc.) as well as some Non-Disney Animated Movies, including DreamWorks
Favourite TV Shows
Thomas the Tank Engine; Sesame Street; The Muppets; Arthur; The Powerpuff Girls (1998 Series); My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (at least in part); Gravity Falls, Phineas and Ferb; Sailor Moon; Teen Titans (2003 series)
Favourite Books
The Railway Series (the basis for "Thomas the Tank Engine")
Favourite Games
Super Mario Bros. (virtually any game from the series)
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS
Hello, everyone, and Happy Martin Luther King Day (or night, as I'm typing this). Now, for those who want to know, I’ve practically been waiting to write this journal, let alone for this year of 2023, and yes; I feel that it has to be this Martin Luther King Day. You’ll soon see why. So to cut to the chase, we’ll be moving forth. Now, everyone knows we like a good amount of diversity of any kind, whether in real life or in fictional media, especially in a more positive light from the very moment that Martin Luther King Jr. himself had discovered his very dream (and to that, I say he did us proud, as even a certain episode of the initial iteration of the Disney Chanel series "The Proud Family" had demonstrated to us; bra-vo). However, this is all coming to a head, in a very negative way, even past any *ahem* "washing away" prominent redhead characters in the mainstream media for the supposed intent of representing racial diversity (which either way, I find counterproductive in and
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So here's the deal: I am working on some brand new concept work on each and every "Kerry 150" character (and every other GTPS2 character aside), and making the bios for the separate, as well as having said bios have their own folders. Furthermore, I shall also do this with my own characters in addition. Finally, I shall update each bio as each improvement comes, until I can do no more, and might have to revamp the bio into a new submission.
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I want to say that after reading, or at least skimming through CrovanWorks's essay on Philip the Diesel Boxcab (I'm not going to refer to this character by that title), I can safely say that I very much see why he and a number of other fans don't like this character (me personally, I find him more of a mixed bag). It's because the writing, and perhaps the executive staff attempt to impose their positive perspective, to the point of toxic positivity, on this character, as the show seemingly acts as if Philip can do no wrong, rarely if ever getting any real discipline (because at least Thomas and Percy had received some sort of discipline, and he's been compared to them). To me, I find that this may be why a good number of "Arthur" fans have either disliked D.W. or found her a mixed bag, because it feels as if we, the audience, were being forced to like her, as if she could do no wrong, not helping that Arthur has had a designated butt-monkey status (as emphasized in the all-infamous
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Happy Birthday!🎈 🎁🎂

Hello. I have a request if you take them?

Hi, you don't seem to be as active as you were before, and so I have a feeling you don't take requests anymore like you did before, but I thought of a cute idea as a follow-up on "Gordon Glares At Usagi," well if you're interested, able, and have the time, how about "Gordon Smiles At Abbey?" Abbey was my childhood dog from my childhood days, and there were times I wished she could have magically transformed into a beautiful lovely human girl, which I knew was impossible, because she was my best friend, but sadly, dogs can't turn into humans or live as long as us, and people can't marry dogs, so the least I could say is she used to be my best friend until she died a long time ago from old age, spleen tumor, and heartworms, I still miss her very much even up to this day, so as a memorial and a tribute to my old friend Abbey, I can't help wanting to see Gordon standing there showing a happy face to Abbey in her human form, and Abbey showing a happy face to him too, Gordon could do better around Abbey than he could around Usagi anyways because Abbey was more calm, kind-hearted, laid back, and intelligent than Usagi, and as annoying to Gordon as Usagi was, Abbey wouldn't be annoying to him, not the least bit, so to identify Abbey's human form, here's her human form as I'm talking about, but at least you can tell her outfit was colored after her fur from real life as seen in real life before she died.

Split Screen Comparison as a Tribute to Abbey

Hello, can you make your OC, Ella, as a princess or in a beautiful gown

I have a request.

I like to have some deviantart points, please.

Just wondering if you have any.