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All right.  So we need to talk here; you know I have certain... fetishes (mostly the giantess one).  But I also sometimes post big-belly pics, though very, very rarely (like what you may have seen with TRC-Tooniversity's Big Bellied Amazons, which I plan to redraw, BTW).


As some of you may know, I've been working on re-drawing TRC's "Split Second" cast.  But this includes... Mammoth Thighs and Thunder Thighs. :o

I'm sorry. :(

I mean, I do intend to give their pics a "Mature Content" warning, but unfortunately, even with that in mind, some of my friends may not understand.  I just don't want to keep drawing those two characters all willy-nilly.  You know?

I just want to make it clear; I do have a ton of respect for women, including my female friends.  And if I do draw crossover artwork with these characters - or any of the other "Split Second" characters - it'll mainly just be TRC-Tooniversity's other characters.  That's all.

I don't know.  I'm just very worried about what some people might think of me. :(
O Face Nephew Ducks + Webby
So here are all three nephews - Huey, Dewey and Louie - plus Webby Vanderquack, as seen in the "DuckTales" reboot, and all wearing a very familiar expression...
But seriously, it's Thomas the Tank Engine's "O Face" from the first two seasons of that show.

Of course, Louie is wearing a rather "dull surprise" take on it, though mainly because I intended to poke a little fun at the meme being a little overused by this point.  But I will admit that I also took some inspiration from this shot from the "DuckTales" reboot right here:…

Anyway, perhaps a good in-universe reason for Louie's "dull surprise" could be that they're doing a simulation, and Louie is not really taking it particularly seriously, since he's apparently seen it all before. :lol:

Of course, if they really were in danger of being attacked by something like, say... Dragon Maleficent, Giant-Sized Ursula, or even Genie Jafar, perhaps then Louie would get his game up. :evillaugh:

DuckTales (2017) © Disney
I love "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends".  I really do.  But some of the episodes really "bust my buffers".  "Foster's Goes to Europe" was one thing (though I can understand it was to intentionally "waste a perfectly good plot", but even so).  But "Imposter's Home for um... Make 'em Up Pals" and "I Only Have Surprise for You" were much more egregious; perhaps even more so than "Everyone Knows It's Bendy".

I mean, I know I'm just reiterating what's been stated before, but seriously!  The twist endings were clearly only there just to be different from other shows.  True, in IOHSFY's case, it did lead to a funny end credits gag ("Foster's Home for a bunch of crazy guys", anyone?), but the overall product is basically having characters being mean to each other, even when it's out-of-character for them, just 'cause "HURDEDURR!  DE PLOT DEMANZ IT!"  True, in Surprise's case, you could make the argument that Mac had went berserk on everyone.  But let's get things straight; he actually saw that everyone was setting up a party, and even though it supposedly was a birthday party for a little imaginary friend named Arty, the fact that Bloo set everything up - and I mean everything - in order to get Mac humiliated again served to show how pointless the whole episode was.

Why, I remember seeing a comment on YouTube that said that Frankie only helped Bloo to retaliate against Mac for not helping her with her "Goofball" problem in "Imposter's" which leads me to say, again, that the only reason Mac didn't help her, even though he has a (childlike) crush on her, is because "DE PLOT DEMANZ IT!"  So... no.  I disagree.  I still think they were just doing what the writers dictated.  Oh, and speaking of which, I remember when "Imposter's" was initially released, Lauren Faust (no disrespect to her, of course) was utterly shocked at how badly received it was, and even misinterpreted the whole complaint, seemingly thinking that we didn't want any conflict in the show whatsoever (which is not true at all), and thus defended this episode.  Gee.  Does that sound familiar, PuffyTopianMan?!

Going back to "Surprise": you know, I've said it before, and I'll say it again; I find that they've completely flanderized Bloo's personality to the point where he was able to... actually predict Mac's every... single... move, much like Megan from "Drake & Josh", only... it's more contrived than how Megan is able to predict Drake and Josh's moves, because whereas Megan had security cameras installed in her room (goodness knows why, but I'm not going to question it), Bloo only knew and planned Mac's moves... just because.  Oh, and in this case, because the entire Foster home helped him (well, except Eduardo, who only did what the invitations told him).  Not to mention, Bloo using Megan's "one step ahead" line (then again, it may have been a retort to when Mac said it to him earlier in the episode).  To top it all off, they made it like Bloo was always this bad when clearly, this was not the case in the beginning of the show's run.  So we seem to have an actual waste of a perfectly good plot on our hands; namely that Mac could have been subconsciously making Bloo less likable in order to distance himself from him (a theory that I admit to taking from TV Tropes' "Wild Mass Guessing" page for the show).  In other words, an in-universe reason for Bloo's flanderization.  It's not an implausible theory, but it more-or-less gets destroyed by this episode alone.

With everything in mind, I feel that IOHSFY, particularly in its ending, ran on the same logic as the SpongeBob episode, "Stuck in the Wringer".  What do I mean by that?  Well, when Patrick stupidly disabled SpongeBob, causing the Sponge to be unable to work - or even eat - properly, as well as putting his own joy before SpongeBob's pain, SpongeBob finally had had enough and rightfully blew up at him, but the townspeople said he deserved what he got for making Patrick cry; in other words, deserving to be disabled just for calling someone out for getting him disabled in the first place.  Likewise, when Mac tried to stop a party by sabotaging it in order to prevent from getting humiliated again (since Bloo kept throwing him prank surprise parties in the past), we were supposed to believe that he deserved to be humiliated again for essentially trying to stop it.  Does anyone see what I mean by this?  It's pretty much backwards logic here!  With this in mind, it's no wonder I drew this picture below:
O Face Cookie Monster + Angry Brak by TrainsAndCartoons

But to get the positives out of the way, I do have at least one for this particular episode; Wilt's quote "Every day should be Earth Day".

Also, richardchibbard had made a collage revolving around a better birthday for Mac (in fact, that's pretty much the title for it).  Have a look:
A Much Better Birthday For Mac by richardchibbard

I even commented that I wanted to redraw it, which I still intend to do, BTW.  Maybe I'll reuse some of my older (pre-DeviantART) work (which has been lost to time) to help me out. ;)


Not telling... XD
United States
Hi, everyone. I'm a lover of - as you can probably guess - trains and cartoons. It all started with my interest in "Thomas the Tank Engine" and "Sesame Street"...

Then I got interested in more TV shows - mostly cartoon-based - and the rest is history.


Thomas The Tank Engine Stamp by laprasking They Do, Actually by Mintaka-TK TRUE ART IS ANGSTEH by Mintaka-TK That's Not What Criticism Is and You Know It by AnScathMarcach You Need To Defend Yourself Sometimes by Mintaka-TK



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