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I haven’t done this challenge in a long time. Not since mid-2015. So here we have a meme with 25 facial expressions from Dirch:

Happy: his classic face, when his in the ‘good’ corner of his mood.

Sad: his classic sad face, that can appear at any given time, where his world “falls together”.

Pleasured: this facial expression speaks for it self....

Angry: typical face, when he’s getting mad over something. (Usually it’s the internet connection. lol)

Confused: when anything confuses him...

Tired: mostly, this happens in the morning hours, when he’s just woken up, and/or, haven’t got his sleep.

Shocked/surprised: speaks for it self.

Irritated: when stuff is getting on his nerves....(when doesn’t it? Lol)

wtf: usually when he’s more than just confused.

Triumph: when he gets something right

Fear: whenever he sees a spider. (Even at a spider at the size of his pinky finger nail...)

Bereft: this is when something happens, that just makes his heart “break apart”. This was last seen when his parents passed away.

Flirt/satisfying fart: is seen when he flirts with Penny, and when he had just ripped a satisfying fart.

Serious: when he’s getting annoyed over somebody, and he wants to fight.

Silly: whenever he’s over energized....

Hollow/blank: speaks for itself...

Incredulous (sceptic): whenever he doesn’t believe in something.

Confident: when he’s sure he can do something.

Fierce: when he’s about to rage.

Despondent/pouty: when he’s either depressed, or just thinking of lost family members.

Drunk: he doesn’t drink, therefore, he doesn’t get drunk.

Rage: when you’ve pushed him to his limit. (Push him further, and you’ll regret it)

Sarcastic: when he’s faking being happy at something he’s not happy about.

Disgusted: when he sees something disgusting.

Ill/nauseous: when he’s ill. Mostly during spring and pollen time.


The blank meme:…

This meme is made by :iconnapalmnacey:

Dirch belongs to me.
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