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Kelly With Headphones

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FULL VIEW or DOWNLOAD I got an iPod Touch (a.k.a. my mom gave me her's because she has no time to use it) and I figured that I needed an awesome custom wallpaper.

My original vision of the wallpaper was Kelly glancing over her shoulder with her headphones on, with a bunch of paint splatters all over. However, due to myself having trouble visualizing such a pose and too lazy to take a picture for my own reference, I changed to something more simple (which is the above - I did end up referencing myself, particularly for the placement of the fingers on the headphones).

What you see here is my final result. Not my original vision, but hey! =D It doesn't look like something I did (in my opinion) due to the graphic paint splatters (brushes are from here).

I have finished an iMac Desktop version of this picture and I'm in the process (and will most likely be done before most people see this picture) of working on a CREATIVE ZEN wallpaper and an iPod Touch/iPhone wallpaper.

I may create up an alternate version of this, just so that there's no changes in the colour (so you can see the original CG, which I like, personally =P).

The outfit she's wearing is another Jento alternate outfit. =P Since she often changes her outfits when she's at her gym, rather than stay in one consistent outfit.

Hope people like this! >.<

Flash, Photoshop, yadayada. You should know what I use by now. XP

I was largely inspired by my graphic tees for the background. =P Shows how much I lack creativity. >_o

...and just to point out, her outfit has the same colour scheme as the other one ([link]). XP And those lighter parts on her (and her dress) are only because of the way the blending of the splatters went.

Again, brushes are from here.
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Wow i wish i could do this!!
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This super old picture that I should really redo because my style has improved?

You actually can. I did a tutorial for the background (both for Photoshop and GIMP). ;D
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But i dont have either xD i am like 1/3 done with fursona though i hope to find someone to color via photoshop or something lol
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=P GIMP is for free. Google it.
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I think this has to be one of my favorite pictures from your gallery OwO
I love the entire concept as well as the abstract background :D and I like how you had Kelly to the side rather than in the center. It's really an amazing picture =D Great work! (:
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Thank you very much for commenting! Thank you for telling me what you liked about it. <3 It's comments like these that keep on pushing me to draw. =] Says what I should try to do more of. Again, thank you! I appreciate it a lot. ^^
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You're very welcome :hug:
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this one looks pretty wicked :3
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Cool, you are getting better with proportions :3
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Awesome work! Looks amazing! OwO
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Your proportions are getting a lot better. :)
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x3 Thank you! I was trying to. =3

It was hard...but I think I'm getting it. =P
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THE BG IS SOO COOL!!! :love:
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