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If the story happened in China

By Tragobear
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Shifu will have a pair of glasses,doesn't him?…
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COOL. Kung-fu panda and zootopia😍
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Zootopia of my motherland!
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Good Crossover. 
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Masters Rabbit, Fox, and Fennec.
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Judy - Icon This isn't going to work, Nick.
Nick Wilde - Icon  It has to.
Judy - Icon You're not now thinking straight.
Nick Wilde - Icon I am, fluff!
Judy - Icon (Kicks his feet) You're not!
Nick Wilde - Icon I am.
Judy - Icon No.
Nick Wilde - Icon Yes I am.
Judy - Icon No (...) Nick, listen to me. I've seen Kai. And I've seen what he can do.
Nick Wilde - Icon But he hasn't seen what I can do. Take a look. [Nick does the Wuxi Finger Hold again]
Judy - Icon (Confused) The Wuxi Finger Hold? Is that all what you have against him?
Nick Wilde - Icon  Why so Spectical? It's my best move. My final blow. I defeated Tai Lung with it once, you remember? Look, I just have to get to Kai, grab his finger and then "SKADOOSH" back to the spirit realm. Easy and simple, isn't it?
Judy - Icon [squeezing his hand] Two things, Nick. One, what works once, can not of necessity work again. And secondly, he has an army of jade warriors, including our friends. Everything they see, he sees. So, there's no sneaking up on him. [pushes him down] You'll never get close enough.
Nick Wilde - Icon  It's gonna work. Why you don't trust me when I try even for once to act as seriously as you always do? [Nick gets up, but Judy puts him down and puts her feet on him]
Judy - Icon I didn't say I do not trust you, Nick. I of course trust you but now I'm trying to advice you. Kai cannot be beaten in the physical combat. He can only be stopped by a Master of Chi.
Nick Wilde - Icon (Nick gets up, grunting in frustration) Argh! You sound just like Finnick with the, "Chi, chi, chi." "Chi this. Chi that." "Chi, chi, chi!" I'm not a Master of Chi, okay? I don't know if I'm the Dragon Warrior. I don't even know if I'm a fox! I don't know who I am! (Slaps his paws on his face and slips them down.)
Nick Wilde (Deleted Scene) - Icon You're right. There's no way I can stop him and his army.
Judy Hopps - Icon Nick, I... I-I didn't mean to discourage you.
Nick Wilde (Deleted Scene) - Icon No, Carrots. You just opened my eyes to reality. I was just filled with anger and frustration. I thought I once found out who I was but now I'm lost again. He's on his way here right now and I got nothing to stop him.
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I like this comment, and it will work judy 😂
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It's funny, because I had been thinking about how Judy and Po are alike. Both want to become something great, and later become something that, to others, seems impossible for someone like them, and they are treated unfairly because of it. But they both try, fail, give up, go back to their families, learn a thing, go back and try again, and succeed. And then they earn more respect from the other people.
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very cute!
major plot twist!!
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...Kung Fu Fennec, anyone? Or possibly 市? Either way, fantastic!
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
Very well done piece. :)
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Do they red foxes in China?
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Awesome! Watch+Fav!
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A mix of kung fu panda and zootopia! love it!
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Wow, I never noticed how much finnick resembled shifu! Great job :D
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What if it were in the style of Big Trouble in Little China? ...
Nick - Icon "Nick Wilde, ME"
NathanTheMoldy's avatar
But wouldn't it be.... modern? 
MousaCalliope's avatar
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes :love:
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