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Happy Birthday to me--20 years old, goodbye teenage years.

So far I got:
a new tarot deck from my best friend
a coffee maker for my dorm room
black spike heels
a pink polka dotted purse
a hairdryer
the new harry potter book
$50 from my dad
$30 gift card to Target [spent it]
Miss Potter

"...because when you have a conversation with anyone else, it's like an exchange, right? You offer something up and they offer something. With writers we exchange disorders... it's like, 'Okay, what do YOU have?'"

-conversation with me and probably one of my closest friends, Justin, at a diner.

That's all.
Hey everyone!

My friend Shaun has put up a site to accept donations to help me pay the cost of my tuition in Ireland; please help me out by checking out the site!! You don't have to make a donation, but there may be rewards if you do :D ;) :heart:

the url, btw, is
So, I turned 19 like two days ago. Woo. Last year as a teenager.

My subscription runs out soon T_T

More exciting news later; busy writing! BE HAPPY I AM WRITING.
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I had to quit my job at Cold Stone--they just weren't providing hours, or reasons for why I wasn't getting any hours, so I gave up and moved on. Working 3 days a week for my uncle, moving that up to five days a week soon, which is good. He's letting me varnish a violin, any colour and any way that I want. I don't get to keep it--I don't think--but it's become a treasure already. :heart:

I suddenly live at the Exeter diner. Literally, I'm there like 3-4 days a week. I just love being out late, and wrapped up in conversation, drinking mug after mug of tea. It feels so... classic, you know? So fabulous. I just wish I could fight through this writer's block and get some real... verbiage going on. Oh well, all things in time, I suppose.
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Help Dee go to Ireland?

Pleeeeease click on the link and check out the information; I'm selling products for Home Interiors to raise money for me to study at University College Cork, Ireland, and 50% of everything I sell goes to fund my tuition, for which I have to raise about $6000. My stepdad is willing to scan the catalog in, and even if you're elsewhere and want to order something, we're willing to work around it.

Monetary donations are also accepted; I have a PayPal account ;) [just kidding!!!]

but yeah, if I don't raise that money, I don't go, so I'm doing some internets advertising. Whee!

Freshman Year Cumulative GPA: 3.67. I ROCK.
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ADSKJFSKJDF frustrated!!!

also, um, i heart the movie "Newsies" a whole lot. annnnd i had something else to say but--oh yes!

study abroad application is going well; it IS my top priority right now. if i have to dedicate too much time to something else, i won't hesitate to drop that other thing so i can finish this and get my dream accomplished. i'm getting on that plane in september, and that's final.

sick. sick. sick. hate it.
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happy new year, my darlings!

i didn't make any resolutions, unfortunately, aside from letting go of self-doubt and second guessing myself. and i'm going to attempt not to procrastinate, which is why my laundry is spinning around.

christmas was nice. got good stuff, got to shop, THREE NEW CDS!!!!

Eisley - Room Noises
Sinéad O'Connor - i do not want what i haven't got
Imogen Heap - Speak For Yourself

Also, new dvd's:
Phantom of the Opera
Ice Age
Stephen Lynch: Live at the El Rey
The Princess Bride
The Breakfast Club
Finding Neverland
Garden State ['cept my sister's bf needs to um...fix it...]
Requiem for a Dream [who told me to watch this movie? because it's a horrible, horrible, depressing sad movie that made me cry and feel not at all uplifted. oh well, at least i can depress other people with it.]
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

:heart::glomp: :icondanhauk: for the last eight DVD's. my sister is so lucky ;P
oh, and of course much :heart::hug::glomp: to her [her icon would be here, except she doesn't HAVE ONE so it's BORING] for my new haircut and shiny highlights. :D

not much else to report; back to college in a little under 3 days! can't wait for that one.

much love!
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so okay, here is the question of the week

obviously everyone knows about the whole jark controversy, etc, etc. my concern is something that `justthorne pointed out--the Submission Agreement.

Basically, we belong to deviantart in more than one sense of the word. It's almost frightening, you know? Our photographs can be [mis]used in anyway the Company deems appropriate, our names, our artwork, and we can't argue with them on that.

I'm not sure I want to be a part of a site that's not going to protect my work. Shouldn't that be a really big concern? Protecting us? Or are we just feeding the Corporate Machine?

Something to think about, I guess...

Anyway, it kind of makes me want to delete my stuff, but i have so much here and I'm not sure where I would take it all. The risk is the same pretty much anywhere. Still, I'm thinking of hiding all my work for a little while. It isn't right. None of this is right. I've pretty much lost my faith in dA.

I guess I just feel a little betrayed. Like I've signed off my soul and can't get it back. Oops.
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Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me

Caro called at 7:11AM to say happy official birthday [i was born at 7:11 AM] and I was totally incoherent, having just woken up. But it was so wonderful of her to call. We're having lunch today.

So I'm 18 years old now--they can hold me legally accountable for all my mess-ups! YAY!

Tuesday I'm hopping a bus to NYC to see some old friends; it should be a really good time and I'm really looking forward to it.

I'm in a really great mood. Which is unusual for a birthday. :)
ok so work was wicked stressful today and i almost cried a lot.

i feel obligated to post an entry because devart gifted me subscriber status for a week. OMG I LOVE IT I WANT IT SOMEONE BUY DEVART FOR ME KTHXBYE. :D

maybe i should try to whore my work some.

who wants to be my literary pimp? XD jk---mostly.
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Okay, i have to do this i guess...

The musical baton was passed on to me by :iconslrfirestorm:

Total Volume:
-I currently have no idea how much free space is on my hard drive nor any motivation to check and see.
-I currently have a lot of CD's. and a clean car.
-I currently have 2 or 3 or 5 Mp3 CDs
-I currently have 0 Vinyl

The Last CD i bought:
The soundtrack from the movie Chicago

Song playing right now:
"All That Jazz" is playing in my head. I'm not listening to anything at the moment.

5 Songs i listen to a lot or mean a lot to me:
-Naked As We Came---Iron and Wine
-Dragostea din tei---O-ZONE/Haiducii
-Cell Block Tango---Chicago Soundtrack
-The Jeep Song---Dresden Dolls
-Must Be Dreaming---Frou Frou

5 people i'm passing the baton on to:

In other news, I graduated high school last night---THANK GOD. I was so sick of that place and the catty little girls and pathetic drama. When does college start?
while i was grounded i had my one-year Deviant Art anniversary

15 April 2004-15 April 2005


except for like, people have been here way longer and i am so not a vet. BUT I'M NOT A N00B THAT'S FOR SURE! :D

i went to wordstock again this year and that was really cool. the poetry wasn't nearly as good or inspiring, but the people were great. i need to get back in my writing groove.

my muse took my cookies.
hey, so somewhere along the line i hit 1000 pageviews? like, i logged on this morning and i had 1001. sexxxxx0rz. this is why i :heart: you guys. ^^

what is new and fascinating in the life of dee? i still don't have a prom date, or a prom dress, but i've got a corset, and it is teh sex. ummmm i bought the Dresden Dolls cd at Target yesterday for $11. i have a job and i love it. i got a cool role in the school play and i graduate in june YAY thank god.

i'll definitely be going to Lycoming; i sent my deposit in yesterdayish. Theatre/Creative Writing major. w00t.

la la la i think that's it.
they say that promises sweeten the blow
well i don't need them, no i don't need them

for everyone who was worried about my upsettage:

i am so happy. i am so damn happy.
okay, so i edited elemental contact which a lot of you liked. but it's BETTER NOW. go love it or w/e.

i'm not in a good mood. :(
life is amazing good.


*girlish moment of screamy joy*

i have never been so happy. ever.
my mom left me (and my sis) a note this morning
that says "Girls, we need to have a TALK."
and later "I am not happy with BOTH of you, in fact, I am quite sad about it."
usually i am quite aware when i've done something wrong
according the morals my mom instilled in me like my whole life
but right now, i'm so confused, it's scary.
i didn't do anything wrong! and i don't know why she's upset!
*doesn't want to be punished for something she didn't do*
as i said to lyz on our way up to pub last night

goddamn i love my life

(at the moment, anyway.)

wow, my head just did this weird thing
and i felt like i almost passed out
i can tell work today is going to be fun
who wants to give me a hug?