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Custom costume, jewelry and festival wear for the discerning hippy!

Hello Deviants!

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It's been a while, huh? I'll be using this account again to upload photos of new custom fursona kigus and and hoodies! I won't be active with statuses or notes, so if you want more information on commission statuses, WIPs, ect, please follow me on Instagram or Facebook! All quotes and commissions will be handled through a google form which you can find on my website, there are also further contact details there. PEACE!
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Hi guys!! I've been busy smashing out festival stock the last few weeks and will hopefully have photos to show you soon! Also looking forward to @cfconvention at the end of May!! COMMISION INFO- I've been overwhelmed by the amount of messages i've received over the last few months asking about commissions and thank you all for your support! Unfortunately i'll only be opening a few slots before now and Confuzzled on a first come first serve basis due to time restrictions! This might be a bit disappointing for people SO here are some good things to try make up for it- :)  1- Spirit hood giveaway!!   info coming soon! 2 – Spirit hood
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Could it be? a JOURNAL ENTRY?! yup. I want to try be more active on DA as it seems like a good place to gather a general artistic audience, but anyway I'm gonna just get right to it! it's a good news bad news situation but i don't want you to get bored and wander off so GOOD NEWS first! GOOD NEWS #1 I'm going to be offering DISCOUNTED commissions on hoodies, kigus, spirithoods and maybe some other things GOOD NEWS #2I will be holding a spirit hood GIVEAWAY!!!! BADNEWS; these things will happen in APRIL and i'll be taking a break from commissions until then to work on festival stuff. Anyone already in the ordering process will still be ten
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Hello, I'm back again :D

are your hoddie commissions currently open? 
If so is there a long waiting list 
aw hullo again! :3

sorry I opened a few slots but they got snapped up pretty quickly!! slots are full up till the end of the month when i'm going to a con. After that I will be opening properly again, taking new orders to start once the con commissions are complete soo... it depends how well i do at confuzzled I guess as to how long it will be! 

sorry not really that helpful!! XD
Aww heck, I missed em :'D

well nevermind. I might check back in a while when it's closer to my birthday.

Anyway, have fun at Confuzzled! I hope you sell loads :D
Hello, I'm not sure how active you are here on dA, but I wanted to ask about your custom hoodies. 
I wanted to get something alternative to a fursuit of my fursona for my birthday.
my birthday is in May, so I was wondering did you have a long waiting list for the hoodies?
Also, approximately how much would a fursona with 5 different colours and antenna cost do you reckon? 
This is the character in question:
Zenith Reference Sheet 2018 by Galactic-Fire  
I know he's probably not the most design friendly, but I could probably draw out a diagram of how I'd like him to look on the hoodie. 
Thanks in advance for answering my questions :D
Hi there! thanks for contacting me and sorry for the delayed response!
I'm closed for commissions now but hope to open them again in april  (I will also be offering some reduced commissions here & on facebook so keep your eyes peeled!!)

I love the design! antena are no problem and i loovee those ears :3 biggest difficulty would be the gradients as i am limited in the colours of fabric i can get. off the top of my head the cost would be around £140gbp but if you pm me in april we can discuss further and i can give you a more accurate price. thanks! :)