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... a free drawing for the person that captures my 120th pageview.  That's all for now.
Scanner arrangements have been made.  Bid a fond farewell to photographs, because it's time to sketch, and with gusto.

This also means I can finally pull my own weight on Torio, a joint webcomic project with Luprand.  Curious?
September 11 now marks, along with that far more earthshattering event, the day my number of deviations exceeded my number of favorites.  Hallelujah!  My eventual goal: to have the number of comments overtake the number of deviations.  Good things in the works here.

I won't, however, be posting any sketches until I order a replacement power cord for the scanner.  'Rents had no luck spotting it at home.  Gah!  I SWEAR it wasn't me this time.  : (  Luprand, we may need to either put Torio on hold or leave it in your hands for the time being, as I am nowhere near confident in my PaintShop abilities.  Sorry!
To those one or two of you that have dropped by so far in hopes of seeing something not yet presented elsewhere, my heartfelt apologies.  T.T  A joint project with a fellow artist has prompted me to pull this musty old account out of almost a year of dormancy.  Expect to see art appear on a semi-regular basis from here on out.  More on the 'project' as things are hashed out.

Luprand, never fear, the art trade be not dead!  Whatever I've got by tonight I'll post in the scrapbook, 'lright?