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By Traediras
This is my protest to the Australian Government's plans to censor our internet.

I will not bow down in defeat and accept this. I will move to a different country if it means maintaining my constitutional right to a freedom of information. Do we want another China coming up? No, we do not.

While the Minister and the Australian Government might mean well, there is absolutely no clarity of what sites may be refused classification. For all we Austrailans know, sites such as DeviantArt, FurAffinity, and other art community sites may be part of that list. And if that happens, many of OUR POTENTIAL CAREERS or CURRENT CAREERS as artists may be jeopardised by an act of trying to shield minors from explicit content.

The filter will prove innefective as much of the distribution of pornography is done through file-sharing sites, by e-mail, or through P2P/Torrent programs such as uTorrent and LimeWire. In addition, search engines do not allow any porn or otherwise explicit websites to appear in searches. What SHOULD be done is funding the Police in their efforts in bringing down those who distribute pornography on the internet, specifically child pornography rings and the like.

In addition to all of this, there are already voluntary filters available to parents provided by the Howard Government, even though there hasn't been a significant interest shown by parents. Most anti-virus software also provide the option to filter sites although this would have to be done manually. The internet in general is far too broad in content to simply filter though, and the proposed filter would simply be ineffective and a waste of taxpayer money.

Some of the sites that are filtered aren't even relevant to child pornography. Sites on controversial issues such as euthanasia are also blocked, and any games sites that feature games for those intended for adults are also blocked, among other sites. As I mentioned earlier, nobody knows publically what sites have been blocked by this filter. The filter will also compromise internet speeds significantly, and will make the Australian Government the laughing stock of the world when they roll out the supposed 100mbps National Broadband Network.

This filter will affect every single computer that is connected to the internet in Australia, regardless of who uses it. There are many households that only have adults or young families with children that would not even understand what is happening, and then there are those households that have mature young people who know the difference between appropriate and inappropriate. These are responsible people that would be given the exact same treatment even though the filter would not be relevant to them.

We, as Australians, CAN DECIDE FOR OURSELVES WHAT WE DEEM APPROPRIATE AND INAPPROPRIATE TO VIEW. We do not need this filter, and a very, very small minority of people support this filter. It is simply stupid of our government to try and force such a restrictive filter down our throats.

Information is power. It's about time the Federal Government realised this and actually educated parents on how to handle the internet.

What are we going to do about it?

I want everyone here on deviantART to send a strong, stern message to the Australian Government. A message that we stand united against this filter. If this filter goes through, then there is potential of a repeat of what China did to their citizens in the future. I am not being paranoid, as this could be a very real reality for Australia. I ask every single member of this site to take part in The Great Australian Internet Blackout. That link, along with this blog post, contains information on what we can do to send that message to the Australian Government.

And I call on DeviantART's administrators to turn the site black during the Blackout Week from the 25th to the 29th of January in this year, and I ask all deviants to black out their IDs or their avatars, or even both, and include the words "No Clean Feed" in them if possible.

We may not be a political party, but we ARE people. We must exercise our democratic right to protest against this filter. I do not ask much of anyone, and these actions are reasonably simple, but they will be effective. We, as the largest art community in the world, must help and support those who are actively campaigning against this filter.
© 2010 - 2021 Traediras
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Lol I doubt deviantart will do that.
Traediras's avatar
It's actually not that hard to do it because one of the sites provides a simple method of implementing this. It presumably would not affect the site, and people visiting the site can still turn it back to normal themselves.
Angel7777777's avatar
How do I black them out? and put No Clean Feed? :crazy:

In America I have that as a constitutional right, if you do not defend such actions of tyranny they will progress and when they take your freedom of speech you can say nothing. Your cause is good and honorable. Try contacting Amnesty International, I dunno that they can help you or not, but it never hurts to ask. Ive had conversations with people in China, they cannot say what they want to say, they are under threat if they do. The common ordinary person of China would have me know that I am not their enemy. This is sad that Austrailia would do such a thing. I do hope it can be stopped.
doggirlinu's avatar
I support yooouuuu.. Even though I'm in the US hah. ^^;

:#1: For victory~!
mad-guns22's avatar
THIS IS MADNESS. Really, i just dont understand why the government should go this far...
Agrela's avatar
Madness? This is KEVIN RUDD.

Mr. Pixieface barely spends anytime in the country, so it's no wonder he doesn't understand us, or hear any of our pleas.
Traediras's avatar
Yeah.. I know K.Rudd means well with trying to raise a better global profile for Australia, but I think he took a bit too much China on board to be honest.
Apprentice88's avatar
Hmmmm, He speaks Mandorin, and spends alot of time with Chinese Officals... ...THAT POLITICIAN'S A SPY!!!

...SPY SAPPIN' MAH COUNTRY!!! :ohnoes:
Traediras's avatar
Insane-Randomness's avatar
Madness? This is...

OK, I'm not going to be THAT much of an asshole, but I agree with you people, even if I live in the US. If one contry is going to do this, whos to stop them all? No more pirate bay? No more 4chan? OH SNAP!
EthnisArt's avatar
Well, 4chan is against the whole thing, aren't they?
Insane-Randomness's avatar
xxHarlequin7xx's avatar
Are you serious?? When is all of this supposed to be coming through??!
What is with the governments these days! Honestly.
Traediras's avatar
Yeah, I'm not too sure when it'll be implemented. I'm honestly sick of the government trying to do the job of the parents :|
xxHarlequin7xx's avatar
Yeahhh... that's true. Maybe the parents should start doing their job and the government wouldn't this? I dunno aye, bloody politics -.-
Traediras's avatar
Yeah, I would prefer parents to actually start being parents instead of being lazy.
EthnisArt's avatar
Now there's a wild thought.
Traediras's avatar
It is, but I suppose it's the only way to really solve anything these days.
xxHarlequin7xx's avatar
It's just the world we live in now I guess. :shrug: Who really knows.
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I think internet filtering is stupid. If parents can't teach their kids to be mature enough to stay away from porn, that's their problem, no one else should have to pay the price.
zii's avatar
Didn't they take down the filter program the Howard gov. supplied?
Traediras's avatar
They might still be available, I'm not too sure. I would much rather have an optional filter at a PC level than a mandatory filter at an ISP level.
Traediras's avatar
Had I been aware of this eariler, I would have included it.

Here is a petition for people to sign as well.
ippai-kinzoku's avatar
yea i heard about this not too long ago. i will be sooooo pissed if it goes ahead.

they say we live in a free country, but obviously not if they are trying to do this.

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