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Welcome to :icontraditionalmedia:
We're a group that is open to all kinds of physical media - if an original that looks by and large like it is shown in your deviation exists, it's welcome here.


:bulletgreen:Anybody can join, and join requests are automatically accepted.
:bulletgreen: All levels of skill are welcome.
:bulletgreen: Digital cleanup and overal presentation of the scan/photo must be neat and is encouraged (cropping, constrast and brightness adjustment, visibility and focusing on the piece).
:bulletyellow: Be sure to SUBMIT TO THE RIGHT/SUITABLE FOLDER!
:bulletyellow: There are short explanations of the folders in the top left side of the gallery, so before submitting, read it carefully.
:bulletyellow: Focus on your main theme of the artwork, for example, if it has a fantasy theme dominating rather than fan art, better submit it to fantasy folder.
:bulletyellow: Works, that are being submitted into the Featured folder have higher requirements.
So if you got it declined, please don't get offended, and resubmit to suitable folder, as we won't notify you.

:bulletyellow: All other declined submissions might receive notifications where to resubmit it, and if you won't receive it, feel free to ask us why it got declined.
:bulletyellow: The limit of the submissions is 1 per day.
:bulletred: No drawings on lined paper.
:bulletred: No works in progress (WIPs).
:bulletred: No photos that are out of focus, grainy, in front of a random/untidy background, or that are lighted unevenly, or so dark details are hard to make out.
:bulletred: No literature (unless it's along illustrations)
:bulletred: No photography (unless it depicts actual artworks)
:bulletred: No digital media rt (we are traditional art group)
:bulletblue: Images must follow deviantArt rules. The most common problem are images that include nudity, but are not marked as mature content.
:bulletblue: Images with expilcit sexual content will be declined.
:bulletblue: Hate art will not be accepted.

Group icon created by TrollGirl







We'll accept new affiliations only with groups that have a strong focus on traditional art.



Our collaborative project between CRLiterature and TraditionalDeviants has finished. We received some beautiful entries and are very happy for the creativity of the entrants. To see a full collection with Literature entries, visit the feature journal from CRL group ^^

Be sure to check these beautiful works and send some love to the artists! :iconbigheartplz:

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Jooliveira Featured By Owner 3 days ago   Traditional Artist
Thank you for accepting me.;) (Wink) 
Kelseyalicia Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2018
can you please explain why everything I've been submitting lately not been accepted? I've submitted quite a bit lately and none of it been accepted by your group. Care to explain what exactly am I doing wrong? 
Drerika Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2018  Student General Artist
Hello, as I've checked your gallery, most of the pieces have a line of scanner fault almost in the middle of the piece. Also quite some of your pieces still have not cropped edges.
Kelseyalicia Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2018
well, the line thing isn't my fault. I don't control that. It happens after its scanned and I can't get rid of it. So what am I suppose to do about it? It happens when it scanned and I can't do anything about it and what do you mean cropped edges? The scanner just scans. I can't control what it does. If  I knew what that dumb line appears I gladly avoid it but I don't it just shows up whether I like it or not. So I just live with it. 
Drerika Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2018  Student General Artist
The scanner requires a check up and repair then for that line to be fixed.
With edges I mean there are spaces that don't belong for the paper itself (that show the surrounding behind the paper), and those should be cropped using image editing programs.
(1 Reply)
OakenshieldArt Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Some of the most common reasons we don't accept submissions can be;
- the piece is not cropped well, meaning f.ex. it has a visible hand holding the art, a background is visible (table, desk clutter etc.). We don't accept art where more than the art piece itself is visible.
- the art is not traditional. We don't accept digital art.
- The art was submitted to the wrong folder.

We usually reply to the subission and tell people why the submission has been denied and I am very sorry if that has not happened to you.
You are very welcome to resubmit any art again and we'll make sure to give the proper evaluation and explanation. 
Kelseyalicia Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2018
Well, I don't use anything but ink pen to draw in and color in with crayons and colored pencils and do my best to crop it with what my scanner does. So all that should be visible is what the scanner picks up. But okay thanks. 
GeorgieDeeArt Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2018  Professional General Artist
Hi again,
I've noticed your work has been expiring. This means staff have not seen to your works quickly enough to accept them into the group. Your deviation should say Expired not Declined.
If that happens again just resubmit.

Kelseyalicia Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018
Okay. It's just I've seen you do dumps like hours after I submit so how you don't see them I don't know. but okay 
GeorgieDeeArt Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018  Professional General Artist
I cannot explain that sorry. There are many admin in this group. If you're able to comment on the individual submissions that would help. Thanks.
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