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Traditionalists ART RULES

Gallery Submissions Rules

  • Your artwork must be 100% Traditional (no digital coloring).

  • We do allow minimal digital enhancements to your piece such as editing the scan or photograph of your piece (brightness/cropping) or adding a watermark.

  • You may submit one artwork per week, per folder. We look for quality and therefore don't accept every artwork submitted.

  • Artworks must be presented properly. The majority of the scan/photograph must contain the piece with minimal to no background in the photo. Also, no art utensils should be shown in your photograph or scan so as to put the focus solely on the art.

  • Nudity must conform to DeviantArt's rules and must be tasteful. Fetish artworks are not allowed. Mature submissions are voted on at the discretion of the admins (the traditional art CVs).

  • If a watermark is present in the artwork, it must not obstruct the content of the piece.

  • Submit your artworks to the appropriate gallery folder.

  • Works In Progress (WIPs) can be submitted to the group's Favorites section. Sketches also belong in Favourites rather than our gallery, and can be submitted to the Sketches favourites folder.

  • Please don't submit: ANTHRO, ANIME, CARTOON, COMICS, ARTISAN CRAFTS and similar.

Group Info


Group aimed at giving the traditional art community their own unique voice by providing a place to gather, organize, and inform others with the help and guidance of the traditional art Community Volunteer team.

Membership is open to anyone and approval is automatic.

The group's gallery is curated. Each art submission is approved or declined by an admin. An artwork gets declined, if it doesn't align with the group's art submission rules.

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    Thanks so much for the request :)
    Thanks very much for the request :D
    hi, I'm glad to be here!
    Yay :happybounce: 
    Very happy to hear that! :woohoo:
    Thanx for joining :heart: 
    Hello! My drawing was declined. I saw official message from the below and can't still understand why. I saw less qualytified pictures here than mine :(
    Star Queen by NekoMaon  
    Hello :wave: 

    The artwork is well done...the reason for declining was because it's in the anime /comic category. If you will see our gallery, you won't find such artworks. Some are maybe leaning towards that category a little bit, but not 100%.

    I took a long time to decide if to accept or decline. :plotting: 

    Some draw/paint Pokemon, Sonic, One Piece etc. and we try to not accept that style of artworks, even if it's made with traditional art media. ^^;

    The group is run by Traditional Art Community Volunteers (CV). For Anime, Manga and Comics there are other groups run by CVs.
    I don't waqnt to shame somebody here just know I'm not good at English :(