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Stygian Figment Quest

STEP 2 - traits are long tail and maned fur
STEP 4 - animal is a fox!

STEP 5 - written
Delilah took a few cautious steps forward into what was the beginning of her kingdom. The trees stretched upwards into the sky, twisted and knobbed in an infinite number of places, creating a dark maze that she was now stepping into. She recognized that there was likely little in this habitat that could harm her, so she stepped a bit further into the forest, letting its darkness engulf her. She could sense light, but very faintly, and as she glanced up she saw that there were lanterns strung from the branches far out of her reach. She assumed they must lead somewhere, and tracked the path of lanterns from the mouth of the forest. She couldn't remember how long she had been following the lanterns until she, completely lost in the devoted tracking of them, slammed into something directly in front of her. After gathering herself, she looked and realized that there was a giant stone tower, almost like a watchtower, erected up from the ground up until it was engulfed by the trees. The tower was covered in vines and flowers, and Delilah was worried that it could fall into disrepair at any second. Still, steeled by curiosity, she found an entrance to the tower and began climbing. A very tall set of rickety stairs helped her ascend the tower, for yet again what was an unknown period of time. When she reached the top, however, she was astounded. The tower reached far above any of the trees previously, and gave her a clear view of the entirety of the forest. "This... this is MY kingdom," she proclaimed proudly to the forest below.

STEP 6 - written
Delilah was now thrust into a world full of others just like her, which left her completely overwhelmed. As she nervously skirted the edge of the crowd, attempting to avoid any unwanted socialization, she found herself bumping directly into the thing she had been trying to avoid. "O-Oh! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to be a bother-" The stygian, a bit larger than she was, took a step back. "Oh, don't worry about it! I run into people all the time, i-it's no big deal.." She tucked her head down, and attempted to slink away, but the other stygian was a bit more observant than she had hoped. "Are you new around here? I can show you around if you'd like." She gulped, trying to think of a way to nicely decline. "Oh, no, it's quite alright, I'm sure I can figure it out myself-" He stepped in front of her, a typically dominant move that seemed much sweeter with the smile he gave her. "No no no, I know your game. My name's Havren, but you can call me Hav. What's yours?" She looked up at him, giving a smile to attempt to hide the clear fear on her face. "Oh, it's, um, Delilah.." He flicked his tail, giving her a laugh. "That's a nice name. Here, come with me, I'll show you around the basics of the town." He took off without a second glance behind her. She sighed. {Well, he seemed so nice... I can't just ditch him.} With another nervous glance around her, she took off after the other stygian, hoping that he would be able to help her.

first time doing stuff for stygians!! i wanted to try a lot of different design ideas so hopefully thats alright HEJFKDLS
rly excited to join my buddies in this group \o/
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