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Welcome to Traditional-Dragons.

In this group you can submit as much dragon art as you want as long it's drawn in a traditional medium, such as pencil, crayon, markers, paint, anything like that. We do not accept anything done digitally.

We accept normal dragons, anthro dragons, and dragon pokemon, but no humans or wolves with dragon wings and or horns.

You may do some digital touch ups, but it must still look/be done traditional.

:bulletred: Please DO NOT submit digital art into this group.
:bulletred: 1 submission a week.
:bulletred: Be nice to all members.
:bulletred: If there is a problem please consult one of the admins.
:bulletred: Nothing inappropriate is allowed.
:bulletred: Submit to the right folder.
:bulletred: Only submit finished work to the featured folder (coloured with a background).

Folder Meanings: traditional-dragons.deviantart…
Hey guys. So it's been a LONG time since we have posted a journal about ANYTHING. So sorry about that. All of us have a lot going on in our lives so it's not easy for us to manage this group more than taking care of submissions.

But I wanted to post this journal to let everyone know we are alive and well! The founder, co-founder (me), and the contributors have had past discussions about bringing up a contest of sorts. Only thing is, we don't come up with many ideas and we end up getting busy again.

I'm posting this journal (out of randomness) to ask you guys for your opinions on contests we can do? Or what about a Monthly Theme challenge? Those wouldn't have prizes or placements for the end, but it would be fun to see everyone, including ourselves, waht we can come up with with a theme for dragons, whether it be a type of dragon, a scene with dragons, or dragons having to interact with anything.

What does everyone here think about these things? Bring this group up a little higher than just submissions?
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Place for all introverts, borderlines and people who rarely are able to comunicate easily feel alone or missunderstood. Is believed that these people are capable of amazing feats and are very creative cause introverts tend to live in their own amazing imaginary world. So lets see what all of you hidden artists are capable
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