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Anamorphosis or Anamorphic Art submissions

NOTE: As of 2015, we are no longer accepting any submissions of Anamorphosis or Anamorphic Art traditional art

Does Traditional-Art-Only accept Anamorphosis or Anamorphic Art submissions? We do accept true Anamorphosis or Anamorphic Art style submissions. But what is Anamorphosis or Anamorphic Art? And how do I know that's what my artwork is?

1. What is Anamorphosis or Anamorphic Art?
-An unconventional way of seeing, an anamorphosis is a deformed image that appears in its true shape when viewed in some "unconventional" way.
-According to Webster's 1913 Dictionary: "A distorted or monstrous projection or representation of an image on a plane or curved surface, which, when viewed from a certain point, or as reflected from a curved mirror or through a polyhedron, appears regular and in proportion; a deformation of an image."
-Common forms of anamorphosis are usually termed "oblique" or "catoptric"
---"oblique": the image must be viewed from a position that is very far from the usual in-front and straight-ahead position from which we normally expect images to be looked at.
---"catoptric": the image must be seen reflected in a distorting mirror (typical shapes being cylindrical, conical and pyramidal).
-"The word "anamorphosis" is derived from the Greek prefix ana- meaning “back” or “again” and the word morphe meaning “shape” or “form”. Thus Anamorphic artwork is restoration of a distorted form of image with the help of certain devices. The viewers find the artwork in the canvas as weird , but a steel cylinder placed in a particular point on the canvas reflects the real picture hides in the artwork."
cited:… &
Some examples found on dA:
3D coffee cup by undercoversketch Eiffel tower other angles by Muhammad-Ejleh Venice by Muhammad-Ejleh :thumb345795461:

2. Why am I not able to submit to the Anamorphic Art folder?
-There is only one (1) way to have your Anamorphic Art style artwork included in this folder.
Be a member of our group, then please send the group a note requesting submission including a thumb of the deviation you want considered for submission.

3. What does Traditional-Art-Only consider acceptable Anamorphosis or Anamorphic Art submissions?
-All submissions must be 100% traditional art and follow all our basic submission rules.
-The "oblique" style will be the only one we will accept and those submissions will be at the discretion of the group admins.
-The "catoptric" style will not be accepted in our group due to the way it needs to be projected.
-The type of Anamorphosis or Anamorphic Art that on walls or large installation pieces will not be accepted.
-To submit to the Anamorphic Art folder, follow the instructions above :above: in question #2.

4. What should I do if I'm unsure about whether my art will be accepted or not?
-You can note the group with a title along the lines of, "submission question."

We hope this helps answer some of the most common Anamorphosis or Anamorphic Art submission questions. If you have a question that is not covered here, please feel free to send the group a note and we will do our best to help you.

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