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Attn: MEMBERS, PLS READ this on gallery folders & submissions.

:iconeeeeeplz: We WANT TO SEE your artwork in our galleries, please read. These guidelines will make it easier for many of you -- it's VERY IMPORTANT for everyone to read this! :excited:

Our Gallery folders are set up for like art mediums to be included in the same folder. For many of you, this will make submitting your artwork much easier! :)
The folders are:
:bulletgreen: Acrylic - Oils - Tempera - Spray Paints (also including Encaustic painting)
:bulletgreen: Anamorphosis - Anamorphic Art
:bulletgreen: Artisan Crafts - Sculptures
:bulletgreen: Color Pencil - Watercolor Pencil, no water (means no water added)
:bulletgreen: Graphite - Charcoal - Carbon - "Lead" pencil
:bulletgreen: Mixed Mediums
:bulletgreen: Pastels - Conte - Crayons (also including Sanguine & Water-Soluble Wax Pastel with no water added)
:bulletgreen: Scratchboard - Printmaking - Etching (also including Monotype works)
:bulletgreen: Tutorials
:bulletgreen: Watercolor - Gouache - Ink - Marker works (also including Coffee & Tea works & Water-Soluble Wax Pastel with water added)

This means that:
:bulletyellow: Artwork that is MOSTLY one (1) art medium should be submitted to that Gallery folder.
:bulletyellow: Artwork that is a combination of art mediums included in that folder. (example: watercolor & ink, or graphite & charcoal)
:bulletyellow: Mixed Mediums folder will be for artwork with:
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Visibly both dry & wet media with approximately a 50%/50% ratio. (if you're not sure you understand what this means, note the group to ask and include a link to the artwork in question)
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: if it's NOT MOSTLY one (1) art medium (less than 70% of art media not combined with in the same folder).
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: art with many different art mediums that won't fit into a single gallery folder and is not mostly one of those mediums

There are some submissions that won't fit into any of these guidelines and will require discretion from the group admins. When that happens we will discuss the situation with you to get the artwork into the appropriate folder.

dA offers a number of ways to submit art to groups, we suggest that you follow these steps to be sure your selecting the correct Gallery folder for your artwork...
:bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen: Steps for Submitting art to our Gallery: :bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen:
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: On our Gallery page, Open the correct folder for your artwork. (Please note: Each gallery folder has a brief description of what should be submitted to that folder.)
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: In the top right of the folder page, click on the "+ Submit to This Folder" button.
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Choose "Contribute an Existing Deviation."
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: In the pop-up picker, choose the thumb you'd like to submit and click Ok.
If you have selected the correct Gallery folder and your artwork meets ALL our group rules, your submission will be approved.

:bulletgreen: Gallery submissions: 1 per month; :bulletgreen:

We do not appreciate the idea of "act first and ask forgiveness later." If you have a question about which folder to submit your artwork to, it's important that you ask us first. We will be much more cooperative when you ask first. But if you do make a mistake, let us know. We'll do what we can to help.
:megaphone: Remember, Group rules on submitting: Members who repeatedly break group rules will be removed from membership.

Thank you for being a member and, as always, we look forward to seeing your beautiful artwork. :icongoldendaplz:

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