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ANNOUNCEMENT: This group is Closed until further notice.


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Gallery Folders

Wild in the Heart by MJP67
Half Remembered Dreams by mikesblender
Don't look back by XRlS
Ent by Anmaz
Group Challenge ONLY
Rainbow Lorikeet by HendrikHermans
Portrait 5: Megan again (for contest) by Digital-Goth
Julia by PMucks
Beautiful Lena in Graphite by shuckaby
Acrylic - Oils - Tempera - Spray Paints
Sally, Lady and Patch by pErs
Reptar 2017 by naruto32
Freya by NirvanaGM
Plotting A New Course by SoldierOfThe44th
Artisan Crafts - Sculptures
Elementalist Lux figure (Light) by Lanasu57
Gourd Great Blue Heron by ART-fromthe-HEART
Oriental First Frost Moss Guardian by Neronai
Kajika The Fox Spirit by Neronai
Color Pencil - Watercolor Pencil, DRY
Mei by Adhem1Gorgonopsid
ETHNIC : Boy from Madagascar by HendrikHermans
Bohemian Waxwing by kashmere1646
III Moon Boy by wcqaguxa
Graphite - Charcoal - Carbon - "Lead" pencil
Rhandy by Marion84
Lifedrawing portrait by Neivan-IV
'Arby' - Charcoal on laid paper - 9x12 by FuzzyMonkeyMan
Ominous Horizon by xibalbha
Mixed Mediums
Glorious by studioofmm
Through Purple Meadows by tracybutlerart
Someone Forgot Their Phone by JoshByer
New wave by 13PaVel
Pastels - Conte - Crayons
La Gioconda by Vishvesh99
Pastel Portrait Boy by aatheone
Yorkshire moor by ArwendeLuhtiene
Scarlet Macaw Drawing by AmBr0
Scratchboard - Printmaking - Etching
Half baby Wolf by EpHyGeNiA
Tragedy Mask by Sylwia25
Radler by lindenART
Watercolor - Gouache - Ink - Marker works
#172 Dankeschoen ! by Glukoko




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Andrewscutehell Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2020  Student Traditional Artist
I would like to join the group! Is still active? I see many other people asking it.

Hope it is or it will
simonpark81 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2020  Professional Traditional Artist
just wondering if the group will ever open up again...?
hi to all and any who read this,
hope you have a great day!
AndyVRenditions Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2019  Professional Traditional Artist
Hello, I am leaving a comment, as I would be very interested in joining this group, and am looking forward to hearing back as to when membership requests will reopen. Thank you in advance! :heart: :)
if this group is ever active again, please reply to my message here and I
will like to rejoin.
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