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Gallery Folders

Icon contest / Traditional-Art-Draw by Razeback
Autumn sunset by ZheeroII
Lion by iriarte98
Frisk - Undertale by UrithArte
Architecture, Technical Drawings
Big City by dVicko
Caryatid by CallingToTheMoon
My Fantastic Tallinn - V by fillemazendacus
Koln cathedral's facade by takmaj
Leaping Wolf by nannynunu
Colours Of Love by Persephone-Luna
Wounds by persiancat111
Staring at the Edge of the World by oclandestina
Commissions, Adopts, OC and Requests
Warm it Up by GalactiPaws
.confused . oc. by r0xi0
Deadly Twins by Khov97
Jesse and Patty commission by The-Mistress-of-Time
Leaping puma by conradknightsocks
Mind make me sad by Khov97
Lioness by FredsterNL
Katie and Sam by Maanhart
Blood by squidmaiden
big eyes drawing by Kaite-Black
Proktuidris. Kaiju from deep space by vsqs
Abyssal Passage by mariosvonkerpen
Fanart 2
Nebula 4 by Andrzej5056
Tauriel 2 by Andrzej5056
Inktober 2017 Day 19: Ana Amari by AquaVarin
Circus Baby by Lemon-Caramel
Cartoon Style
Hibiki Shimizu (Traditional) by twoshnoos
Black Demon Mask  by Khov97
Simple Life by Julee-Mcphee
Mermay day five solar by SaltedGayFish
Landscapes and BGs
Backyard Sunset by Riberry
Atlantropa Kingdom by Osoni-newyorker123
River feeds the land by rollarius55
*A Tree* by Denish-C
Decorative Initial by fmr0
EarthShip Logo by ReiAndHana
Speak friend and enter by J-R-Cousins
Logo2 by corpseandCo
Shattered Experiment by Artistlizard101
Sakura_Bloom by AoraPL
Other Animals - Animals in General
Horse by greenpigsfly
Time to Set Your Watch by AshClad-Shade
Mature Content

Mature Content

self-abhorrence by jpegclown
Monthly Theme Collection - closed
Artanis Fan Art by luchoinzunza
People II
Bernard by NightwishSoul
August by Cranash64
Traditional Sketch 2 by Kqmuto
Jhin's Gun by CaitlynFox
Jedi on the desert by LordVaderNihilus
Still Life
Lime and cherries by Niaarts459
BLOOMING BRAIN by Wutherdollshadow
corpseandCo by corpseandCo
Blue Blood -Gore- by WaffleGolem
W.I.P Drawings
Anna Williams (unfinished) by PatrisB
Mermaid by WojikHell
Icon Contest
Traditional-Art-Draw Icon by The-Tinidril
Party dress by biarockbell
Acrylic Painting-Skyrim: Watcher of the Skies by Knzobi
Vehicles -cars, boats, trains etc.
64 chevy impala ss by G-A-AnimeFan4
Colored Pencils -Realism
French Macarons  sketch by MarjoryBurnt
paradise by MarjoryBurnt
Water Colors
Lava lamp by Gallerica
Recreation of famous drawings or paintings
Dinant Sur Meuse (Finished Piece) by MrSketch98
Graphite Charcoal -Realism
Realistic Eye Drawing by Leffyart
Hobo Heart Hole Hearted Creepypasta by ChrisOzFulton
Scratch Board
Rainbow Parrots by SilverStarlight9
Anime + Manga
Victory or Death by GhostFreak-Artz
Vision by corpseandCo
My Heart Belongs To JESUS by balangkas
Anatomy Studies
Pre-instruction hand drawing by biarockbell
Anthro - Anthropomorphic Animals
The Cadaimon Tribe by LeoSomnium
Ink and Pen
Organ by PortentosaMan
Pencil Drawings
ow by silver1590
LittleRockPainting by PortableParadise


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Group Information

ωєʅƈơɱє тơ тяʌɗɪтɪơɲʌʅ~ʌят~ɗяʌω!

Hello, and welcome to Traditional-Art-Draw!

Traditional-Art-Draw is a group for the more traditional artists who prefer the original type to the digital type. Here, artists may browse or submit traditional art. We accept all different kind of styles, as long as folder guidelines are followed and, of course, the artwork is 100% traditional.

For those who don't know the difference between traditional and digital, traditional art is art that is drawn on paper or a canvas by hand. Digital art is art that is created on the computer or in some cases, the phone.

Generally 1 Artwork / Week / Folder

Here are the categories we accept:

Gallery Folders

Bullet; Blue Featured - Only selected pieces may enter this folder. Submissions to this folder are NOT allowed.
You can however suggest artworks here in 
Preselection for Featured Gallery
Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red  Monthly Theme - periodocally we will make an invitation for a given theme! Please keep an eye on our journal announcements!   2 / month
Bullet; Blue Abstract - Random colors and splotches, designs, and creations that don't quite fit other descriptions. "Abstract art seeks to break away from traditional representation of physical objects. It explores the relationships of forms and colors, whereas more traditional art represents the world in recognizable images." ~
Bullet; Purple Anatomy Studies - Studies of anatomy (like muscles, bones) or of body-parts (like hand, feet, ears, ...) of humans or animals.
Bullet; Purple Anime + Manga - Anime and manga style artwork.
Bullet; Yellow Anthro - Antropomorphic Animals - Anthro 
Bullet; Red Architecture, Technical Drawings - Pictures that mainly show buildings and architecture, as well as technical drawings.
Bullet; Purple Calligraphy - Artworks which mainly consist of calligraphy/typography or have their main focus on written letters.
Bullet; Blue Canines - Wolves, Dogs, Foxes. Canine-based work. No Anthro and Fantasy here!
Bullet; Purple Comics - Comic strips and pages.
Bullet; Yellow Cartoon Style - Cartoons which are not in Comic strip form.
Bullet; Black Commissions, Adopts and Requests - Commissions / Requests / Adoptables, including animals, humans, humanoids, and beasts.
Bullet; Green Creature - Monsters and beasts or original species. 
Bullet; Red Fanart - Any piece of art of, or based around something that you're a fan of; characters, movies, singers, actors, etc.
Bullet; Green Fantasy - Artwork based on myths and legends or unreal creatures and monsters.
Bullet; Purple Felines - Cats, Lions, Tigers. Feline-based work. No Anthro and Fantasy here!
Bullet; Blue Landscapes and BGs - Landscapes and backgrounds, that's it.
Bullet; Black Line Art  - While you can have lineart in all categories we prefer that you submit it here! It will also shine better, as no color in other artworks around would distract from it.
Bullet; Purple Logos - Company or school logos- or your own!
:bulletwhite: Mature - Mature content.
Bullet; Red Nature - Trees, Flowers (other than still life flowers) and other nature-based artworks that do not fit another category.
Bullet; Black Other Animals - Animals in General - Animals that don't quite fit the other categories or are grouped with other animals (Example: a cat and a dog). No Anthro and Fantasy here!
Bullet; Blue People - Human-based artwork. Realistic, semi-realistic and anything at beginner level in this direction!
 No Anthro, Fantasy, Anime&Manga or Comics  here! 
Bullet; Green Practice - Nothing perfect, just practice. This includes (rough) sketches and scattered anatomy scribbles. Nothing with lined paper, though. We don't accept random doodles. 2 / week
Bullet; Black Sci-Fi - Artwork that is related to Sci-Fi-Themes, like space ships.
Bullet; Blue Sculpture - Various kinds of traditional 3D-sculptures.
Bullet; White Sketches - Sketches (please avoid lined paper)  2 / week
Bullet; Green Still Life - Artworks that represent still lifes, like bowls of fruit, glasses or arrangements of food.
Bullet; Purple Surreal - Surreal artworks. Definition by Wikipedia: "[...] unnerving, illogical scenes with photographic precision, [...] strange creatures from everyday objects, and [...] painting techniques that allow the unconscious to express itself."
Bullet; Red Tattoos - Tattoo-designs or photographys of tattoos that were designed by yourself.
Bullet; White Unsorted - If you do not know where to submit, add it here. 2 / week
Bullet; Green Vehicles - car, boats, trains etc. 
Bullet; Blue Vent - Artwork that expresses true feelings.  2 / week
Bullet; Black W.I.P Drawings - Work in progress art. Let us see your progression! 2 / week

Heart Recreation of famous Paintings and Drawings                                                              1 / week
Heart Daily Deviations - Artwork featured in da by the Community Volunteers here

Functional Gallery Folders:

Favourites Folders

So, special Folders with more Submissions:

2 / week Practice,  Unsorted Vent,  SketchesW.I.P Drawings
3 / week  Pencil Drawings


:bulletgreen: Only TRADITIONAL art is allowed! This may seem like a big "DUH," but believe it or not, we've had quite a few digital art submissions. If you submit a digital piece, it will be declined. If you want to submit digital art, there is a group similar to this one called Digital-Art-Draw.

:bulletblue: Please submit your work to its proper folder. Every piece has a category, and its your job as a member to to find that category. Don't be lazy!! The categories are listed above. If you fail to submit your art to the correct folder, your submission will be declined.

:bulletpurple: Comment on the group's page and notify us when a folder is full. Unless you tell us, we won't know, and just because a folder is full does NOT mean that you are able to submit your piece to another folder. If you submit a piece to the wrong folder, it will be declined.

:bulletblack: No advertising! Everyone wants points or cash, but here is not the right place for announcing it. That's what the forums are for. We will not hesitate to mark your post as a SPAM.

:bulletpurple: Be polite to the founder and contributors. They work hard. If you want to address an issue, do so in a friendly manner.

:bulletblue: Even if you chose not to watch this group, you MUST at least chose to watch Journals, Polls & Status Updates. These things are important.

ƈơɲтяɪƅυтơя ɪɲƒơ

Interested in becoming a contributor? We're currently in need of a few more. Here are a few details and requirements:

:bulletgreen: I need ACTIVE contributors. You need to come on at least once or twice a week.
:bulletblue: You need to be able to follow WolfkillX's directions should they give any.
:bulletblack: You'd be deciding whether or not art should be accepted depending on the folder that it is being submitted to (be specific about what you will and won't accept. The descriptions for each folder are shown above).
:bulletpurple: If you're interested, send WolfkillX a note titled "Contributor for Traditional-Art-Draw", telling them why you'd like to be a contributor and what you can do for the group.
:bulletblue: You must follow the rules listed above in the "rules" section.

If you are qualified, you will be added to the list of contributors.

Bullet Green The Winner of Traditional-Art-Draw's Icon Contest has been decided! Bullet Green 

First off, I'd like to thank EVERYONE for participating! Thank you, UnbridledMuse, Fishtailholly, Cassandra--T and DreamingDaysAway for your time spent judging, and your many different perspectives! Also, thank you artists!! We couldn't have done it without you! The choice was a difficult one to make, but through many different discussions we were able to chose the icon that best fit out new style. For those who have not seen all of the works, here they are:

Bullet Green Razeback has won the following prizes! Congratulations! Bullet Green

Bullet; Black Your icon will be used as the new icon for Traditional-Art-Draw.
Bullet; Black Your icon will be added to our featured folder!
Bullet; Black Llama Badge from :iconwolfkillx:
Bullet; Black A Character Headshot by :iconmysterika18:
Bullet; Black 50 Points from :iconcassandra--t:
Bullet; Black 1 Character Commission by :iconcassandra--t:
Bullet; Black 200 Points from :iconlucytherescuedcat: (will be sent by WolfkillX)

 :heart: Thank you all, again!! :heart:

More Journal Entries


The amazing hard workers who keep this group running! :heart:

:pointr: For more information, see the About Us page! :pointl:
:pointr: Feel free to note us if you have a question! :pointl:





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Thanks! Heart
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