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We are a group focused mainly on traditional arts. It doesn't mean it has to be traditional art 100% of the time, but enough to get the group's main focus across. Please feel free to join and submit your art here to get more easy views and meet new artist along the way. I strongly recommend traditional art to be mainly posted because of the fine line between the internet and the canvases that make the artist. Please read the 'About Us' page for more info.
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Chapter I: Hallie and The Lance CosmicHector the Hawk struggled to maintain pace with his earthbound friend Hallie Kazan, as they approached an immense rift wherein the entire landscape suddenly gave way to an enormous canyon. He swiftly glided down which caused him to accidentally scratch her on the cheek with his sharp talons as he landed upon her shoulder. "My apologies." He said, "It wasn't my intention to hurt you.""Thank you my friend for your concern," Hallie replied, "I remain relatively unharmed due to your continued efforts. Have you anything to report from today's flight?""Indeed. I have dire news my dear, for I have spotted the enemy nearby. I believe they intend to head us off over the great chasm which lay before us. Perhaps, in a desperate attempt to sabotage your mission before it's even begun.""Then it's there we shall face them," she said.They intercepted the great Siamese cat named Lord Zozo, along with his two jackal guards high above the infinite rift and thus proceeded to confront them along a thin cross section of the divide; wherein a fall would mean certain doom."Even a lowly fugitive such as yourself can plainly see the futility in your situation," Lord Zozo informed her, "You're outnumbered three to one, and a half. Surrender to me at once, and I shall see to it that you're both granted safe passage, unto the afterlife.""Sounds reassuring, but I have a better idea," Hallie pointed the lance cosmic at him, "Why not come and claim it?""You arrogant little brat!" Lord Zozo then shoved his guards aside whilst foolishly crossing the land bridge, "I'll deal with you myself for your insolence!"Hallie easily dispatched her lone assailant first by casting his weapon into the ravine, before subsequently knocking him back across the pass before his two cohorts could aid him. They then preceeded to hesitantly follow his lead, all whilst taking great care to flank their adversary this time around as to avoid repeating his same mistake. Upon ferociously attacking her from either side, they thus rendered her defenceless against their combined efforts. Fortunately, just as though it seemed they may prevail against their opponent, Hector miraculously intervened on her behalf.Taken by surprise, the jackals suddenly looked up at their airborne assailant in abject bewilderment, and did thus provide a vital distraction in Hallie's campaign, as she then took the opportunity to knock the nearest carnivore out of his oblivious daze and towards the edge of the pit. Although the second of the two jackals instinctively reached out to his ill fated companion, by then it was far too late, and the remaining canine had no other alternative but to face the inevitable; as it was he who now stood helplessly outnumbered.Hallie then turned to face her lone feline adversary having decisively dispersed his minions into the abyss. However, Lord Zozo wouldn't allow himself to be taken off guard for a second time, and instead concocted a clever plot to rid himself of this nuisance once and for all. She was first to initiate the duel by rapidly slashing at him with the lance cosmic but failed to strike her target as he'd already leapt high above her, and with a good kick to the back of the head did thus remain unabated.In anticipation of Hallie's next move, Lord Zozo then blocked her incoming swing with his wrist before knocking her off balance with his tail. Having finally overcome his adversary, rather than immediately dispatching her then and there he instead opted to retrieve the scepter of his fallen guardsmen in preparation to strike at the nearby kestrel as it flew past, "What goes up. . ." He then readied his stance and took aim for what must have been his most confident throw ever, only for it to be cruelly snatched away at the last possible moment."Hector look out!" Hallie shouted as she grabbed hold of Lord Zozo's leg, before knocking him down to her level. They continued to fight each other precariously close to the edge of the cliff untill Hallie was finally able to overpower her attacker. However, upon leveling her weapon at him, Lord Zozo instead resorted to throwing a clod of dirt in her eyes before shoving her aside once again."Nobody makes a mockery out of me and lives to tell the tale!" Lord Zozo gloated over his defeated enemy who by now was clinging on for dear life as the weather suddenly took a drastic turn for the worst; as did the eyes of her assailant begin to dramatically change into those of a mighty serpent, who's gaze did contain such hatred that their glowing red glare was forever burned into her soul."You're all alone now little light!" The possessed creature said, "Now even the stars themselves shall fall before me as I have come to make your every waking nightmare a reality. For it is I. Your eternal enemy Vulspa. The king of vengeance!"All while helplessly struggling to maintain her grip, Hallie recognized that she was running out of time as the ensuing rain made every surface extremely slippery, and thus more and more difficult to cling onto. Although her predicament was growing increasingly dire with every passing moment, what immediately followed wasn't so disheartening; for just as all hope seemed lost a thunderous screech suddenly echoed throughout the heavens as Hector swooped down from on high, and snatched the eyeball right out of the foul creatures newly emptied socket."How dare you wage war against the protectors of Atlan Prime! For now you shall face the eternal justice of the Alpha Sentry!" Hector shouted as he continued to slash at Lord Zozo's face causing him to cry out in pain. The injured beast then cast the hawk aside before turning it's attention back to Hallie. Fortunately, Hector managed to survive the fall unscathed as well as provide an adequate distraction so that his friend may recuperate.After recovering her grip Hallie utilized all of her innermost conviction to summon forth the very lightning from out of the sky. Displaying absolute mastery over nature and the elements, she then aimed a single bolt directly at Lord Zozo, and with the limitless abilities of the lance cosmic did smite him from the canyon side."Hector, where are you?" Hallie called out. "Are you alright?"I'm over here," He answered from within a nearby bush, "I'm fine, although I could use a little help."Hallie rushed to his aid, "I don't understand, why not give up? Surely they must've realized it was useless to resist.""Sometimes the most beautiful battles are the one's you know you're going to lose," Hector replied softly, "Hurry, let's make haste for we have yet to complete your mission."Upon reaching the magnificent waterfall adjacent the gate, they noticed a floating stone staircase which lead them up towards the grand silver arches."Will you not come with me?" Hallie asked."Some of us are meant to carry the tremendous weight of others upon their shoulders and I just know you'll turn out to be one of these people. Fly far dear one; for I shall always be with you."Hallie gazed out unto the distant horizon long after Hector had disappeared from view, and with a heavy heart did eventually enter the gateway. Upon doing so she was then whisked away in an instant to a strange and unfamiliar landscape, eclipsed only by the mysterious castle which lay before her.
Chapter VI: Revival of GloryFrom deep within a near constant state of dread and despair that’d cascaded into a feeling of abject hopelessness, Sabastian's grief did compel him, the weakest of the Alpha Sentries towards his unenviable fate. With no end in sight to the Omni war of which sought to consume all that was once bright and meaningful in his life, now left him uncertain and confused as such things were stricken from view. No longer able to confront the dire consequence that would undoubtedly be born should his actions fail, he came to a definitive answer as he made his way high above the tallest spire of Fort Arbery, for an immense feeling of guilt weighed heavily on his soul. What he discovered there shook him to his very core, for far below him gazing up in greeting was his long deceased father, having evidently returned from beyond the grave to Sabastian’s disbelief. However, regardless of how he may have felt about it at the time, the apparition none the less had something prescient to impart, “Every man eventually reaches the end of his rope my son, no shame in it. On the contrary. Having the courage to stare down one’s own fate and accept the inevitable without a fight, is exactly the kind of person I always knew you’d grow up to be. A coward.” “What? How could you say that?” Sebastian shouted back in horror. “Oh my only child, how disappointed I am in you. For was it not you who fled beyond the wall, thus abandoning your dear mother and I without so much as a word as you departed to safety, all while leaving us to perish at the terrible claws and gnashing teeth of the beastly Arkin wolf?” “It wasn’t my fault!” “Even now you continue hide from your past rather than confront the truth in what you’ve done. I thought I’d raised you to be a better man. To place the lives of others above your own, and yet you leave your dear mother and father to die.” “This can’t be real! You’re not real!” he shouted."Just as you chose to fail your mission, and disappoint each and every one of your friends in the process, all for what? You’ve got nothing to show for all your efforts. It’s time you gave in to the fact that there’s nobody left to salvage that which you’ve destroyed entirely. Time to be brave for me, for your family, and all the other people you’ve let down through your actions. The grim apparition then held up his arms towards his bereaved child and said, “Take a leap of faith, my son.” “No! I only did what you told me to do! I survived!” Sabastian averted his eyes from the false specter, only for an even more horrifying abomination to greet him having been suddenly met by the foul gaze of the nightmare Vulspa, who’d manifested himself in the form of a mighty crimson basilisk and who’s evil glare sent a terrifying chill down his spine. The gigantic serpent then lashed out at him with barred fangs filled with deadly acidic venom. Sebastian then fell back from the ledge after having lost his footing, which then forced him to hold on for dear life. Fortunately, he managed to retain his grip having narrowly escaped the encounter unharmed.Deep within the main tactical hub of Fort Arbery a loud disturbance could be heard escaping the dense confines of the corridor.“You what?” General Ivan Monroe shouted at Hallie Kazan while she looked on in disbelief. “I thought I’d ordered you to contain the terror not let it run rampant throughout the entire base! That’s just what all this super soldier hooey has been all about isn’t it? The highest order has sent you imbeciles here to embarrass me in front of my men and jeopardize my position as leader haven’t they?” “Sir if you’d just listen. . .” “We’ll I won’t have it!” he interrupted. “There’s only one person running things around here and I’m not about to let some whacked out daisy pushers put that at risk. Do I make myself clear?” “Emphatically," she replied. “As for that little terrorist Edward Asher, if he so much as sneezes wrong I’ll have him court marshaled and sent to the front lines. I demand an explanation on what exactly went on in there to cause such a mess.” “Yes sir.” “And one more thing, I want you to find Sebastian Echo and inform him that I wish to speak with him about the prior event, seems the kids run off.” Indeed, it didn’t take Hallie very long to locate him, as he quickly emerged from around the corner in a panic having nearly collided into her, “Sebastian! Where have you been?" She asked, "We've been looking everywhere for you. The physician said you seemed disoriented upon waking, and that you must have wondered off. Is everything alright?” “Y-yeah I’m fine. I just needed some fresh air is all,” Sebastian replied. “That’s a relief. After the accident we were worried sick something might have happened to you.” she touched his shoulder in order to help calm him. “Are you certain there’s not something troubling you?” Sebastian considered telling her about the ordeal he’d just been through atop the spire but thought better of it, “Of course not,” he replied as he hesitantly removed himself from her embrace. “It’s nothing. Just a bit of a head cold is all.” “I see, well if there’s anything I can do don’t hesitate to ask. After all, if we’re to make it out of this conflict all in one piece we’ll have to rely on each other more and more, which means that should one of us falter in our objective it’s our obligation as a whole to support them in any way we can.” “Thank you for your concern, it means a lot to me.” “It’s the least I can do. War takes a heavy a toll on anyone, and it can be difficult to process those emotions alone. We’re here for you,” she then informed him of the General’s desire to debrief him on the incident involving Kane, before leaving him with some helpful advice, “Be patient and stay true to yourself, for wherever the wind taketh thee, thy destiny shall surely follow thereafter.” When Sebastian did finally arrive to speak with General Monroe it was to a surprisingly warm reception, “I apologize for my late arrival.” He said. “No need. Please, join me in my study for we have much to discuss," the general said. “I’m not going to beat around bush. It’s imperative that you tell me everything you know about any alleged collusion between Hallie, Edward, and any other members of the ‘Alpha Sentry’ program. If you have any knowledge in regards to this most resent calamitous event I implore you to bring it forth.” “Wait, why would Hallie have anything to do with this?” "It’s my opinion that certain instances of sabotage surrounding the incident were orchestrated by a handful of dissidents carefully concealed within our ranks. Her involvement may be due to some underlying psychosis or traumatic outburst within the veil we may yet be unaware of. I have cause to suspect her, like many others have gone rogue. Perhaps, this potentially treasonous plot even has something to do with her prior meritless induction into the core. Nonetheless, I’ll require your upmost attention regarding her continued whereabouts and dealings understand?" “Yes sir.” “There can be no deception between us, everything hinges on what we do today for the betterment of oneself and the continued survival of mankind. That’s why I know I can count on you Sebastian, there’s no lie in your eyes. You see things as they are, not how you’d like them to be. You’ve grown much since your recruitment and unlike most of your peers, you’ve yet to disappoint me.” “Thank you sir, I’ll do my best.” “I’d expect nothing less from a real patriot. With your insight into her whereabouts, I’m confident we can keep a lid on these spandex wearing freaks.” “But sir, I haven’t even unlocked the remainder of my abilities. Isn’t that what the program was all about, creating heroes?” “You decide what that word means, not some government program or fancy costume, just remember that. One day you’ll discover there’s much more to life than being a ‘hero’, and once you capture that feeling don’t you ever let go. Understand?” “I think so. Thank you sir.” The General then gave him a silent nod of approval before dismissing him, “As you were soldier.” With the severed head of the deceased goblin Kane placed firmly upon his mantelpiece, General Monroe then noticed a peculiar phenomenon in which it'd begun to incrementally bleed with life once more, thus causing the crimson liquid to gradually pool upon the floor. However, as he walked over to investigate he unwittingly disrupted the ever expanding surface which lead to the emergence of the great basilisk, which then seized him in its vice like coils, thus affixing him in place so that it could confront the general face to face , “I have a tassssssk for you!” the serpent hissed. With all the turmoil surrounding those within fort Arbery, it should come as no surprise then to witness fruits of their labor wither and die like so many grapes fallen from the vine. For it was then the sky turned black as night with raging torrents of wind encompassed by brilliant streaks of golden lightning, which lit up the horizon in an ever encroaching storm that was known as the net of silence. Fire from the heavens rained down upon them as one of the army’s few remaining combat aircraft was struck by a powerful bolt, thus forcing the pilot to crash land upon the highest point of the tallest spire, therefore placing many lives in imminent peril. With flaming shards of metal objects falling towards the many personnel located within the barracks, they were left with no other option but to flee for cover. Were it not for Samuel’s quick action in generating an energy shield around them, potentially many more lives would have been lost. “We have to get up there Trinity,” he informed her. “There’s people still trapped on the upper levels, but the only way to ascend is blocked by debris.” “What do you suggest we do?” “I have an idea, hold on!” He grabbed her securely and used his talent of matter manipulation in order to manifest a gravity well, which effectively sent them soaring upward and unto the foremost platform with ease, and upon which the mangled aircraft had been mostly devastated. “The pilot’s still in there! We have to get him out before it overheats! “Trinity shouted. Samuel proceeded to break into the cockpit wherein the unknown pilot was struggling to unfasten his safety restraints. Unfortunately, in the last moments in which they’d managed to free him from the wreckage the fuselage caught flame, before quickly erupting into a blazing fireball that would have potentially killed everyone still trapped within the building were it not for Trinity, who managed to contain the blast with her phenomenal mastery of pyrokinesis. In fact, her technique was so effective it in essence reduced the threat poised by the blaze throughout the entirety of the complex to a distinctively less hazardous level in less than an instant. “How the fuck did she do that?” The pilot exclaimed. Trinity smiled in amusement as they proceeded to remove injured personnel throughout the lower levels of the spire. Not a single life was lost that day. Unfazed by all the chaos going on inside the building, Edward Asher gripped the hand of his recently comatose partner Selene as she finally awoke from the veil.
Chapter V: Protectors of FateThe defining cries of Kane's victims rang out across the chaotic missile silo of fort Arbery, delivering a symphony of horror unto his miraculously restored ears. As the dozens of unsuspecting military personnel throughout the facility would inevitably meet their tragic fate within; for not long after his arrival from the simulation known as the veil did the corrupted goblin initiate his ravenous killing spree in an endless pursuit of more power. A simple enough task as he quickly located the massive stockpiles of plutonium, having been collected by pathetic engineers for weapons testing. These turned out to be the very same researchers whose blood currently fell like rain onto his flawlessly reconstructed features; of which knew nothing of pain nor sadness ever again. For upon his awakening from out of the veil no sooner had he been reborn with the crimson tide, and thus transformed into something else entirely.As these unfortunate events transpired the veil's surface suddenly awoke with every visible color revealing the spinning spirals of an ever expanding universe, who's internal mechanisms spanned on and on for eternity with no end to their infinite beauty nor radiant intricacy, as the technological marvel was truly a sight to behold. For it was from within these majestic wheels of light did the three Alpha Sentry's finally emerge unto the beset world of Atlan Prime, and were thus prepared to defend it at all costs."Don't do this Kane!" Hallie Kazan shouted, as the trio confronted him at the entrance of the silo, "I saw what happened to you that day in the forest, and I understand your pain. After all you've been through you must be feeling very confused, however you must understand that we've all lost someone close to us," Hallie looked to her friends Samuel Taylor and Trinity Taylor as they stood in solidarity beside her, "If you come with me now we can sort this all out without the need for anymore bloodshed. This isn't the real you. I know because I've seen how you stood up against those who hurt you in order to protect the people you care about. Though they may no longer be with us, I am confident they still breath life within you, even now. We're all desperate to breathe again. Just take my hand.""Kane is dead. All thanks to you, now there's no light strong enough to overcome the nightmare eternal. I alone possess the power to destroy the dawn and cleanse the world of all that is evil!" He said before pointing a twisted talon at the lance cosmic, "starting with you."A plethora of writhing shadowy tentacles suddenly arose all around them, taking up the remnants of scattered debris and fallen corpses in order to launch as projectiles."Look out!" Samuel shouted as he grabbed hold of Hallie and quickly pulled her aside in her defense. Thereby narrowly evading Kane's assault as he continued to hurl obstacles down upon them, "Are you alright?" he asked."Yes, I'm fine," Hallie answered, "Thank you Sam.""Don't mention it," he smiled before reemerging from their cover once the barrage had subsided. He then extended his hands outward, and from within himself did manifest the Star Bow; arranged from the many tinny lights that were aligned within his skin and armor, "A taste of your own medicine doctor?," he drew the string back to his ear before loosing an arrow aimed directly at his foe, which then struck Kane forcefully and sent the dazed creature flying back across the interior of the complex, before coming to a sudden halt as his small frame impacted the gigantic reinforced blast doors at his rear.After falling to the floor temporarily stunned, Kane intuitively looked back at the large embedded crater from which he'd previously emerged, and from it did gleam an idea. The next Sentry to begin their assault was Trinity as she flew forth after leaping into the air and igniting her battle axe called Devil's Tail, with the intention of eviscerating him before the conflict could escalate any further.Unfortunately, after bringing the blazing battleaxe down on him, Kane simply clasped his palms together and cought the blade meer inches from his face. Seemingly unimpressed, Trinity then shifted her full weight downward, thus forcing him to step aside and allow the weapon to securely embed itself into the floor. He then viciously attacked his opponent but to little avail, as Samuel was fortunate enough to catch her after Kane’s retaliatory strike had sent them both reeling. However, with her intimidating weapon now firmly in his possession, Kane unexpectedly hurled the axe straight at Hallie; therefore momentarily taking her by surprise."No!" Trinity shouted, and the battleaxe did immediately halt at her command having narrowly avoided cleaving her friend in two. She then summoned the blade back under her control by utilizing the unique abilities she'd obtained during her brief stint within the veil, and the two allies resumed their assault together. Moving in perfect unison they slashed at Kane, managing to gash him in several places before his unearthly shriek rendered them both immobile.Feeling immensely distressed while witnessing his sister in imminent danger, Samuel manifested the grand hammer called Tecton before hastily launching it towards their attacker. In anticipation of this sudden shift, the fiendish creature instead opted to skillfully maneuver below the strike and thereby causing it's trajectory to fly drastically off course, all while obliterating the titanium blasts doors in the process. However being unwilling to risk Kane's escape Samuel quickly reconstituted Tecton in his possession before preparing to renew his assault with the intent of permanently crushing the puny goblin once and for all. This effort may have been a success were it not for Kane's shadowy tentacles, of which then proceeded to banished him far afield, long before a second swing from his mighty hammer could reach him. Upon being thrown into a particularly large ballistic missile that'd been securely placed in an upright position, it'd thus begun to fall over after their collective mass had slammed into it, thereby severely damaging it's restraints and subsequently placing them all in imminent peril in the process. Only by realizing the potential calamity that would undoubtedly occur should the weapon detonate was Samuel able to quickly rush into action. Thinking fast he then caught the rocket upon his shoulders in an attempt to hopefully mitigate the threat it posed to the base; therefore giving Hallie ample time to recover her bearings after having been subdued by Kane's devastating attack, as well as saving everyone's life in the process. However, Trinity on the other hand remained unconscious as she'd severely injured her head during the altercation. Worried by the sudden turn of events Hallie immediately thought to check her friends pulse before quickly rushing to Samuel’s aid, only to be rebuked by him entirely."Don't worry about me! You have to stop Kane before it's to late! I've got this!" He shouted.Hallie nodded in agreement before pursuing the one who'd caused such devastation. For once Kane had cast aside the remnants of the wrecked fortification, he'd finally embraced the light of the sun for the very first time since his creation. It's intense rays then warmed his skin before piercing the darkness within, thereby momentarily awakening him back to normal.Unfortunately, the uneasy guardsmen who manned the nearby watchtower felt the need to inform the intruders that he wasn't entirely amused by his prior antics within the base, and did so by immediately unleashing a volley of gunfire in his general direction. In taking this action he'd not only initially struck and injured him; but he also unintentionally awoken Kane out of his subtle trance, of which had the detrimental and reverse effect of sending him back into his corrupted state.The terror then lashed out at the soldiers with his physic powers and due to their weak mental barriers they were unable to withstand the assault. However, this wasn't the case for Hallie Kazan, who remained standing even though all other minds under his control had slowly begun turning their weapons on one another."That's enough Kane!" Hallie shouted, "You will torment these people no further! I won't stand aside and allow you to continue with this senseless bloodshed. It's me you want, now leave them alone!""So be it, your hubris shall be your undoing!" Kane let out a second sonic scream which was ment to disorient her long enough to cover his escape. This moment came once his enemy crumpled before him as a result of his relentless extrasensory attack. He then turned towards the gate before launching himself into a death spin, and after driving his claws into the thick metal obstacle which stood between himself and freedom he then utilized all of his innermost conviction and immediately pried the gate open; and thus a shadow was set loose upon the world.Hallie struggled to stand even as the ringing in her ears drove her maddeningly close to the brink, with the raging torrents of amplified sound ceaselessly battering her mind to and fro, there withstood a single solitary voice to be heard above all others, "Remember to see with not just your eyes but also your heart," it said to her, and so the pain within her subsided that very instant, never to return thereafter.With renewed purpose propelling her forward, Hallie easily cleared the barrier and began her endeavor to bring Kane back from the brink. She doggedly pursued him through hundreds of miles of rough terrain until she's reached the top of a majestic cliff, over which he eventually appeared to tire. Having outrun the entire world and with his long journey now at it's end, his sorrow finally lifted from him, and he did thus momentarily return back to his true self once more."Beautiful, isn't it?" Kane asked, referring to the sunset."Yes, yes it is." Hallie agreed as they both gazed out towards the distant horizon.""I'm truly blessed to have been able to witness this place, before having said farewell.""Farewell?" She inquired."A new dawn awaits you Hallie Kazan, and I'm truly honored to have stood by your side through remainder our journey together, as it has been my life's honor to have made a difference in the coming conflict.""Such things no longer matter Kane. The war is finally over, and you'll be returned back to your true self in earnest this time," Hallie assured him."There's always another battle to be fought no matter how much blood has been spilled. If not for those for whom we care for the most our entire world would be lost.""This isn't the end Kane. You can still overcome this abhorrent treachery that has affixed itself onto you. Fight what's happening and eventually we'll find a cure for that which compels thee to commit such harm. By the gods I swear it!""You still wish to save me don't you? Even after all the people I've hurt? The lives I've taken?"Hallie knelt beside him, "All those things that happened, the people we've lost, that wasn't your fault Kane. It's never to late to find the light, even in the darkest of hours.""You really think so?""With all my heart," She touched his shoulder."Stay back!" He recoiled as a flash of fear ran across his face, "I don't want to destroy you like I did the others!""You could never hurt me Kane, for I have faith in your ability to succeed against even the most overwhelming of odds. There's nothing you need fear from me or anyone else ever again. I'll never leave you.""If not for all you've done for me, I wouldn't have been able to protect those whom I care so dearly for. At long last I can rest easy knowing that they'll be safe in your capable hands from now until the end of time. Fare thee well my dearest of friends, and may a hundred thousand flowers bloom for you as I await to greet thee in a life far beyond this one; for I too believe in you," Kane told her as his light faded away, forevermore....
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Hey, make sure you set your group admin permissions to "Subject to Vote" or "Are Not Allowed". There has been two notorious group hijackers for over a month now who apply as a co-founders, delete all the artwork in the gallery and favorites, and replace it with gore, scat and porn.
As an example:…
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Wurm's eye helmet by LukasMaurer  
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Tree Knight by K4nK4n  
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Freeblade by K4nK4n  
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Traditional 3 by Monche-Arion   Traditional 2 by Monche-Arion  
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you can't help but love this place it's full of such creativity and wonder!!!
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Nekopara by Ketsymi  
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Commissions open!
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