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We are a group focused mainly on traditional arts. It doesn't mean it has to be traditional art 100% of the time, but enough to get the group's main focus across. Please feel free to join and submit your art here to get more easy views and meet new artist along the way. I strongly recommend traditional art to be mainly posted because of the fine line between the internet and the canvases that make the artist. Please read the 'About Us' page for more info.
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Jul 9, 2013


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Traditional Art

4,672 Members
3,588 Watchers
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Welcome to our page!
If you are seeing this for the first time, great! You are one step closer to being a successful member of our group.

First things first, if you still have yet to hit that beautifully tempting 'Join group' button at the top of our page, I suggest you do so now.

Now onto the rules:

Members (and possibly) Admins
:bulletblack: When joining, only request to join Members!
:bulletblack: When you post art, send it straight to the appropriate folder.
:bulletblack: No inappropriate language (filtering is fine for comics).
:bulletblack: No spamming anywhere in the group or on our members' deviations as this is an instant ban from the group.
:bulletblack: Always be respectful of your fellow members.
:bulletblack: Requests to join Contributors will always be declined; you must be hand picked by me or your fellow admins.
:bulletblack: Art must always be on a material canvas not made by a digital device, hence our name.
:bulletblack: If you post your art anywhere in the group rather than in the appropriate folder(s), you will be provoked of your privileges as a member of our group until further notice; or until you leave the group.
:bulletblack: Plagiarism will get you banned and a report will be sent to its rightful owner(s).

:bulletblack: No arbitrarily changing the group in any way, shape, or form without my consent.
:bulletblack: Failure to oblige by the above rule will result in an instant ban or revoking of your privileges as admin, i.e., you will become a normal member.

In other words, hello and welcome to our group! We hope you enjoy your stay!



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Tales for the Death by DeyonSide
Dragon eyes by xHideFromTheSunx
Death to 2016 by warmuzak
Cold Warrior by Saoirsa
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Brushes and Stock
Subject 67 as The Helltaker. by Mario-19
Tutorial hand. by Mario-19
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Freddy Fazbear and Terry Bogard. by Mario-19
Member's Scrapbook
a bit of sketchbook #1 by VictoriaInArts
Yalan Gur sketch by Beginner93
Billy Eilish sketch by moreasian
Finjer. by Mario-19
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Chapter IV: AwakeningOnce upon the distant moon of a long lost world, Samuel Taylor acknowledged his twin sibling Trinity as she appeared slightly unnerved. "Is something the matter sister? Why don't you sit and tell me what's troubling you?""I've often pondered what it'll be like once we're finally free from the veil," Trinity answered as she sat down beside him."Much the same as it was, I suppose.""What I'm trying to say is that everybody back home expects us to accomplish this task successfully despite the dangers that lay ahead. Even though they've entrusted us with their most powerful weapons, their hopes and dreams; for better or for worse the future depends on us now. However, I still have my doubts about what the outcome will be. What if we fail to win the war and they decide to blame us, or people who look like us? What if we lose?""Human beings have always feared those whom they perceive as different. Though we've all made mistakes in the past, a small act of kindness now and again can pave the way towards greater understanding. Upon finally waking up to this absolute fact, every forward motion will bring us closer together. Perhaps, it's time we had faith in each other to do the right thing for once. After all, I still believe in you Trinity despite your many many flaws.""Well, I'm going to forgive you for that underhanded comment, because we both know it isn't true. I'm the one who inherited all the looks in the family, just like mom used to say.""She never said that. Did she? Regardless, the way she explained it to me was that by the time you were born there just wasn't any wisdom left for you, and that's why I'm far more thoughtful.""Keep dreaming kiddo and maybe someday it'll be true.""It is. After all, she was probably the most honest out of all of us. Even when father and I would get into one of our heated arguments she'd tell us just how it was, no strings attached. Now that they're gone those disputes seem so distant. So welcome, almost like whatever we'd fought over meant little to begin with.""I miss them.""As do I."Not long after they'd concluded their current discourse did the celestial object upon which they stood begin to experience a most unusual spike in seismic activity."That's odd," Samuel said as he proceeded forward with is arm outstretched, "I'm sensing a disturbance in the magnetic polarity of the system.""What the hell's that supposed to mean? Can't you speak any English?""Something's incoming."Due to the massive influx of blood energy displaced during the previous cosmic anomaly, a tear in space time suddenly gave way before them and did thus transport Hallie Kazan to their current location; so that she may assuredly guide their way out of the veil. She then embraced her true friends with glee, after they'd unfortunately been separated for the sake of the mission, but having never forgotten the invisible bond they each felt for one another."I watched as it tore Kane apart," Hallie informed them whilst recalling her inexplicable exploits, "Almost like a piece of him was stolen and replaced with something else. I'm not quite sure what it was, but it looked like a, like a-""Snake," Trinity interjected."Yes. Like a snake. How did you know?""We've seen them as well. They're everywhere, and they seem to be informed of our mission. It's like they've been watching us, waiting for their opportunity to, intervene.""Well, whatever it is it has the ability to corrupt an artificial object from outside of the veil. To make an unreal person very much so, seemingly out of nowhere.""That's not possible," Samuel said, "Nothing's capable of wielding such immense power; as far as we know, even the lance cosmic is unable to achieve such an unfathomably hazardous feat. One doesn't mess with the natural order of things Hallie, you can't imagine the chaos that'll transpire should your assessment prove to be accurate.""Let's just hope that I'm wrong, for all our sakes," she said."What do you mean?""I'm saying that in coming here to begin with and messing with the natural order of things, as you put it. We've inadvertently impacted forces far beyond our control. That in unison with the retribution we seek, and the war we've ceaselessly perpetuated, perhaps somethings decided to strike back. After all, for every action taken there's an equal or opposite reaction, therefore by attempting to find a deterrent for conflict in the first place we've inadvertently caused it somehow. For once great power is achieved there's always consequences, always a price.""If that is indeed the case then a deal has been struck without our knowledge," Samuel replied, "There's no going back now."Without warning, a thunderous crash suddenly echoed throughout the heavens as the very ground beneath their feet began to rumble and crack. The cosmos then shifted before them as they ultimately fell into the abyss, wherein they all witnessed the red eclipse in despair, after having been cast back into the dystopian world which they were most familiar yet equally distressed thereof.
Pg.21 by TheDevinciOfOurTime
[Inktober 2019] 23. Ancient (Leshen) by AlexisPaint
Anime - Manga
#chally200dtiys by MadM4lice
Sketching by Ann-Shiki

Mature Content

Kiss of Witches by SilverSatanMiki
Juvia by terraaremar
a doggo by VictoriaInArts
Naughty Jumper by BerniePortraits
Leid Leopard by Theladywolfheart
Golden Tears by Jade-Viper
The Immortal Hulk by GwynplaineLeMat
Angela by DarkHunter8506
Medabots: Veterans of the Darkdays Arc 2 - Page 29 by MidnightDJ-SK
Medabots: Veterans of the Darkdays Arc 2 - Page 28 by MidnightDJ-SK
Fan art
97902346354628362085256 by C4r1s5a
Fan Art 2.0
Marceline sketch by happyhomeless
Lilac Crown by luvliartlady
Nihal Atakas Mosque - Iskenderun, Turkey by YakuzaKuroi
4RS-TW9 by asabelmori
Daily sketches of family muscle cars  by MattArtistJeevas
Tutorials Walkthroughs
How to draw iridescence by agree-to-dissagree
Collab-YCH 2021 #1-2. [CLOSED] by DersvingMoraine
Personas and Fursonas - Original Characters
Little Fox by Sibera-the-Wanderer
Un-Named Character | [Adventure Role-Play] by StevieRae17
Transportation - Vehicles
Mercedes C63 AMG by Sandro98ch
Abstract Art
Abstract 265 by marakiO
Holiday-Themed Art
Ivy Claus by NikyleProductions
Arts 'N Crafts
Rabbit origami - sketches  by marakiO
Art Collage
Lady Dwarf by Ellisis
Relief Printings
Edge of our Vision Linocut by Vertalion
Gravure Printings
Linocut1 by amorphouscarpus






Journal Writers

Hello, everyone ^^

I'm reopening my traditional commissions!

For now I'm open for hand-made original traditional commissions in 2 types:
:heart: Marker Bookmarks
:heart: Watercolor Cards
I ship ready commissions worldwide (by registered way).
They are ORIGINAL ARTWORKS, NOT A PRINT OR A COPY! All of them are signed on the back.

[Bookmarks 7] by AoshiNiKo [Bookmarks 2] by AoshiNiKo [Bookmarks 5] by AoshiNiKo [Bookmarks 4] by AoshiNiKo

[Watercolor Cards 8] by AoshiNiKo [Watercolor Cards 7] by AoshiNiKo [Watercolor Cards_Couple] by AoshiNiKo [Watercolor Cards 4] by AoshiNiKo [Watercolor Cards 3] by AoshiNiKo [Watercolor Cards 5] by AoshiNiKo

I draw:

Anime, manga, game characters
Your Original Characters
Characters from Movies/Books
Real People (in my anime style)


I also accept paypal on deviantart (without system, just note me)!
Journal about commissions on my page:
More Journal Entries

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