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This is a list of our members wishlists.
If you are in need of inspiration or are feeling generous you are very welcome do draw random gifts for other members at any time!
You can add these gifts to our gallery folder RANDOM GIFTS. They have no requirements, they don’t need backgrounds or color, but they have to be finished.
Star Emote by GasaraEvery random gift you draw will earn you an achievement star!
Silence Emote by GasaraComment or note me to have your wishlist added, updated or removed. (That way you won't need to make one in a hurry when you want to join an event!)

A wishlist can be a journal entry, document or link to another website. Make sure it is easy to navigate.
Your wishlist must include:
Pink Circle Bullet by Gasara  Clear reference images (even for fanart). Drawings or pictures. Nothing NSFW.
Pink Circle Bullet by Gasara  Your characters age, build and distinct features.
Pink Circle Bullet by Gasara  A short description of your characters personality.
Pink Circle Bullet by Gasara  More than 1 character (though you may mention your favorite). Animals are allowed too, but include at least 1 human looking.
Orange Circle Bullet by Gasara You are encouraged to request couples. Please include some information on their relationship if you do.
Orange Circle Bullet by Gasara You may include possible settings and environments.
Orange Circle Bullet by Gasara If you prefer receiving certain types of art (like busts or very dark or bright atmospheres for example), you may mention this.

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Submitted on
March 12, 2017


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