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Deviation Actions

What artwork may we submit?
You may only submit art drawn as a gift for another member of this group.

What are art exchange events?
They are events where you draw a gift for a randomly selected member of this group, while someone else draws one for you. Consider it a blind art trade.

How can I join this group?
If you have not gotten an invitation and are interested in joining, you may post in our HOW TO JOIN journal.
If your invitation expired note us!

How do I join an event in this group?
Events are hosted 2 or 3 times a year. They are announced through journals so keep an eye on those.
To participate simply note us your wishlist before the deadline.

Can I recommend a friend?
Note us their username.

How are participants matched?
Participants will be matched based on their style, interests and preferences.

IMPORTANT Exclamation Emote by GasaraARTWORK REQUIREMENTS Exclamation Emote by Gasara
We accept digital and traditional artwork. To ensure everyone gets a gift of approximately equal value, we have a few requirements:
Pink Circle Bullet by Gasara Semi-realism (more or less realistic anatomy).
Pink Circle Bullet by Gasara At least a simple background, no flat color or generic patterns.
Pink Circle Bullet by Gasara Full color.
Pink Circle Bullet by Gasara Detailed shading.
Pink Circle Bullet by Gasara Include at least the upper torso, shoulders and hands. No headshots.
Pink Circle Bullet by Gasara Couples are encouraged. If you only draw a single character please add some extra detail and background.
Unsure? Check our Featured Gallery for examples. Still unsure? Feel free to note us your questions or wips.
You may be asked to edit your piece if it does not meet these requirements.

How do I submit my gift?
Mention our group and the person you are giving the artwork to in your description and add the artwork to our group gallery, within the deadline.

What if I cannot submit my gift in time?
Please notify us as soon as possible and we may offer a 1 week extension.
Those who fail to notify us or miss the extension deadline, will be excluded from future events (unless they make a surrogate- or random gift).

The 1 week extension deadline has passed and I still have not received my gift!
A surrogate will be appointed to draw you a new gift within 2 months.

I have received my gift, but it does not meet the groups or my wishlists requirements.
Note us! We will ask your partner to modify the artwork (if we haven't already).

I'm more interested in GIVING gifts.
- You can choose one of our members WISHLISTS and draw a "Random gift" for them
- You can sign up to be a SURROGATE
- You can donate a prize for our yearly raffle: ACHIEVEMENTS

Heart Emote by Gasara Make sure you thank your secret benefactor when you receive your gift!
Silence Emote by Gasara Comment if you have more questions. c:
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