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Are you comfortable drawing full colored illustrations with backgrounds in a semi-realistic style, and do you enjoy the art of giving, than this may be the group for you!

Pink Circle Bullet by Gasara If you haven't gotten an invitation and are interested in joining, leave some samples in the comments and you may receive an invitation in the future.
Orange Circle Bullet by Gasara If you have received an invitation but it expired, note us. You are still more than welcome to join us at any time!

Invitations are only send 3 times a years, so it may take some time.
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artiste-reveur's avatar
Hi! I stumbled across your group in the description of some amazing art and would love to be a part of what you're doing here!

Here are samples of my work:
be ur best elf (in colour) by artiste-reveur   Nativity  (colour version) by artiste-reveur   Rosemary the Sea Witch by artiste-reveur   Hela Foxx (ART TRADE) by artiste-reveur  
FoKuro15's avatar
I really like to join.  It's some examples of my art

EHc1OfXU0AABvlq by FoKuro15   ForPu by FoKuro15   Play by FoKuro15  
  Mer by FoKuro15   Cry by FoKuro15  
DragonPinkiePie's avatar
I want to join
my art examples 👇
(AT) Nice Friends by DragonPinkiePie  (AT) with SugaryIceCreamMlp by DragonPinkiePie
Dragon Fernzana by DragonPinkiePie  Why so serious? by DragonPinkiePie
I have so many but I love these so much
Gyuufun's avatar
I'd really like to join, some examples of my art:

Souls are overrated by Gyuufun   Akai and Amai by Gyuufun    Stardust by Gyuufun   Change by Gyuufun   Whispers by Gyuufun  
Zephel-K's avatar
I’m trying to improve and try different styles so my artwork isn’t very consistent. 

Summer SS Stallout by Zephel-K  Winter SS marinka-ko-shikara 2016 by Zephel-K Summer SS  SequelShippingQueen 2017 by Zephel-K
shibuidesu's avatar
Tea Time by shibuidesu   Comission: Akhyl by shibuidesu   DREAM by shibuidesu

I really hope my art is good enough! Cry forever 
Mifmemo's avatar
This looks like it could be fun! I don't have a lot of really recent art in my gallery currently because I was busy having a baby for the majority of last year, but I am having time to draw again and drawing couples is a lot of fun!

Only worth while peice this year:
  HM-MDV: SS Starry Night by Mifmemo

Pretty good stuff from  last year (ish?) that has backgrounds of some sort:
MDV: SS - Snow Day by Mifmemo Hey I Can Get it Myself by Mifmemo Kiss Me at the Sea Wall by Mifmemo DTA: Sun Mage by Mifmemo
CheshireGhoul's avatar
Walpurgisnacht Von Kerzenlicht by CheshireGhoul No Shirts, No Problem by CheshireGhoul SHSL Mercenaries by CheshireGhoul Merman Russe by CheshireGhoul

My style tends to lean more towards anime and cartoon, though I have been trying out a variety of styles lately. I have more detailed work, but many are NSFW.
G0kusaishiki's avatar
RotiGlob's avatar
Fanart_Belarus_Hetalia by RotiGlob Commisson_ManishaChan by RotiGlob Hayley bustshot by RotiGlob Cartoon thing by RotiGlob The Devil_Hair Salon by RotiGlob Doodle by RotiGlob

Honestly, i can do variety styles; not really the type that go for one so called original style but more into experiment on different styles, its fun that way. But worry not mi amigo, i know this group aiming for semi realistic style and i will keep on that for any activities in here :3

Thanks in advance!
Domisea's avatar

My gifts could be made in this style:
When The Summer Went Away... by Domisea   C:The Sacrifice by Domisea
and since characters in those examples are anthro there is some human portrait:  Girl in lilies by Domisea
Let me know if you'd like to see more of human art
Kreydus's avatar
I'm not really sure what to

Stars of the Sky by Kreydus   A Cave of Fanciful Rocks by Kreydus   Mermaid by Kreydus   OC Ciaran by Kreydus   The Carnival by Kreydus  
BananAdopt's avatar
I'd be very interested but I'm not sure what you consider semi realism since there are some particularly anime looking arts in the galleries, they are just anime with noses?  LOL so I guess I'll give you some samples of the backgrounds and samples of the sorta realism styles since my best backgrounds have pretty anime characters in them LOL.  (how I draw just depends on my mood at the time)  My colors tend to be on the bold side regardless of how I draw though. 

Moonsik for Pxlhime by Centi Commission: PrismaDarkness 1 by Centi March art 12 by Centi You May Say Im a Dreamer by Checkered-Fedora Sangyoon by Centi
Mars: Guardian of Fire    The Chains that Bind Me    Commission Watashiveracasan 1

And these ones just for the backgrounds
Battle Shoujo Adopt (open)    Lazy Summer Day    Sailors Beware    Ninja Moon +WALLPAPER+

And a WIPs
Untitled 15
AkiaWalker's avatar
It's a pretty broad term. Anything between anime and realism really. 
Though it's not just anime with noses, but also with realistic proportions and anatomy.
Your first samples fit very well. c:
furesiya's avatar
Wisteria: Arlen by furesiya  Seirios- water glomp~ by furesiya  Quietly fade by furesiya  For Love and Justice! by furesiya  SoC: Cayleigh- soul spectrum [Full Image] by furesiya  
I'm more of a simple/abstract BG person when it comes to illustrations but... :iconwigglewigglewoohplz:
Tsukiiyo's avatar
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