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Jay De Foy's She-Hulk and Turtle - Inks

Inking commission for cerebus873She-Hulk and her buddy turtle take a much needed day off and sun themselves on the beach. After all these two have been through, they need a vacation. 

Drawn by: Harpokrates :iconharpokrates:
Inked by me: StacyRaven :iconstacyraven:

Colors coming soon. 

Team Green in their first meeting:
Harpokrates' She-Hulk - Colors by StacyRaven

Go Team Green! 

Original drawing can be seen here:
She Hulk Beach Pencils by Harpokrates by cerebus873

You may color this if you:

1) Give proper credit to Harpokrates for the drawing and myself StacyRaven for the inks, 

2) Do not sell, make copies of, or distribute the image in any way (posting it on your DeviantArt account and Facebook is fine as long as you credit the artists),

3)Harpokrates and cerebus873 where nice enough to allow you guys to color this image, so be sure and send them the link to your colored version when you're done.

Happy Coloring! :)

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stuffedbellylover's avatar
How relaxed the turtle looks! ;-)

All the best,

IceDragonArt's avatar
Ah I will have to go and fix my credits!  Anyway here is the finished coloring.  First time I have attempted something like this.  It was fun!…
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth's avatar
Reminds me of that issue of Fantastic Four (back when she was a member) and this sleazy tabloid got a picture (without her permission) of her sunbathing topless.
DarthScyther's avatar
Great! I Bet It will look much Better in Colour.
WillCapers's avatar
Love the turtle relaxing on her side.
MajorO's avatar
That's one lucky turtle, First he get's his butt saved and then winds up on the beach. I do have one question,  Suntan lotion, do they or don't they?
Lomeloke's avatar
haha the turtle is staring at the camera like "aww yeah" which i would be too if i were him :p

this is wonderful and i cant wait to see the colors!
TracyWong's avatar
hahah Yeah, he's a satisfied little guy, that's for sure. He looks like he's having a good time. Hanging at the beach with a cute babe and a tropical drink, sounds like fun times. 

Thanks for the compliment. :D
Lomeloke's avatar
i miss that feeling.. it has been a while since i have been on the beach in the sun, with or without a cute babe. i remember when the  idea of the beach was exhilarating... now i just avoid it. i never wished i was a turtle before, but this little guy has it :p

and you are very welcome
MajorO's avatar
What! No frog!  Ok I koe there aren't any super hero fringes, other than Kermit who isn't a super hero but he's still green. And Cerebus is right, nice lines.
TracyWong's avatar
heheh A frog would be cute too. Maybe the two-some will eventually be a three-some. :)
MajorO's avatar
That would be a wide threesome.
Agent00Soul's avatar
Reminds me of "Liberty Meadows" - in a good way
TracyWong's avatar
I'm not familiar with that. 
SeanE's avatar
Her head's too small for her body, but that's not your fault...
TracyWong's avatar
haha It's She-Hulk, I think her body is supposed to be that way. *shrug* Have you seen Hulk? Dude's head is tiny compared to his body. heh
cerebus873's avatar
I smile every time I see this.  The turtle has his own drink!  SQUEE!  (I love all Jay's little details.)

I really like the inking job here, but I knew I would.  ;-) So purty.  Yes, this is why I commissioned Stacy, great inks.  And soon, great colors.

(I guess I should post the pencils at some point.)

TracyWong's avatar
Me too! I can't help but smile when I see the She-Hulk and Turtle images that Jay drew. :D

And thank you for the compliment and the vote of confidence! :) 
blinxtora00's avatar
TracyWong's avatar
I know right? Jay did an awesome job drawing this and the turtle just makes me smile. It was a great image to ink. :)

Thanks for the comment! 
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