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Jay De Foy's She-Hulk and Turtle - Colors

By TracyWong
I did this a while back and forgot to post it. That happens a lot. lol Sorry - I need to update more often and share more art with you guys, most of my commissions don't get posted and I need to fix that and start posting more.  

Color commission for cerebus873 

Drawn by the awesome Harpokrates :iconharpokrates:
Inked and colored by me StacyRaven :iconstacyraven:

The original drawing can be seen here:
She Hulk Beach Pencils by Harpokrates by cerebus873

The original inks can be seen here:
Jay De Foy's She-Hulk and Turtle - Inks by StacyRaven

Thanks for looking! :)
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© 2014 - 2021 TracyWong
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Very beautiful artwork 
WeaponTheory's avatar
Hahaha that turtle! Cute.
Ninja-turtle? Cool!
DeadDog2007's avatar
outstanding and easily comic cover worthy for sure,stace
stuffedbellylover's avatar
That turtle is soooo relaxed! ;-)

All the best,

jochanaan's avatar
It would seem that she is not driven by rage, as her male counterpart is... Nicely done!
herofan135's avatar
Incredible colours, love her skin and how you colored the fabric!
Meema's avatar
Very nice colouring job.
kpearce's avatar
really well done, i like what you did with the highlighting, especially the shoulder area.
Startrance's avatar
Amazing artwork, you can never get to much green womans :)
Lomeloke's avatar
she is beautiful stacy. your colors really make the scene pop out and attracts the eye perfectly
cerebus873's avatar
I'm going through my Deviant Watch messages. I get to Stacy Raven's stack of things, and I open it. I see both are my commissions.

I smile. ^_^

Thanks yet again.  I do smile every time I see these!
AzureVirgo's avatar
Cool colors. Turtle is a scene stealer.
TracyWong's avatar
He really is, the little scamp. heheh

Thanks for the compliment on the colors. :)
newfireflyx29's avatar
nice art! so ..what's with the turtle?
cerebus873's avatar
Yeah! This is one of my favorite commissions. It's just so happy and beautiful. Thanks for the awesome inking and coloring!

I smile every time I see this. ^_^
TracyWong's avatar
Thank you! :D It makes me smile too - I love Jay's drawings, the turtle is the life of the party! heheh
Nomad55's avatar
Nomad55's avatar
You're very welcome :D
Kaizer617's avatar
Oh, how I wanna that turtle right about now!
TracyWong's avatar
hahah That was my reaction too when I first saw the drawing of this. Jay is great and created a really cute little side kick for She-Hulk! :D
Kaizer617's avatar
Aww!! I think that be a great idea for She-Hulk! I turtle for a side kick!
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