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GZTales: Papyrus`s Human Servant`s Daughter Ch. 9
Piper continued with sewing the dummy, and finished it ten minutes later and smiled. She was proud of her work, a nicely sewed dummy. She stood up and tried to lift up the dummy but set it down again, she was a bit too weak to lift it up.
She thought for a moment and remembered Ganz using magic to bring object to him and lift her up. Piper closed her eyes and focused on the dummy and only the dummy. She extended both of her hands and lowered her head and was still focusing putting all her energy on just lifting up the one dummy.
Piper held her breath as she raised her head and opened one eye and saw the dummy standing on the floor, not moving. Piper lowered her hands and flopped onto the floor, breathing heavily. She gave up on trying to move the dummy back outside.
There was a knock on the door and Piper turned her head to see Ganz at the doorway. "Need help, kid?" He asked Piper looking at the dummy. "You did all of that? I'm impressed." Piper smiled and nodded her head.
She told him
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Emerald Secret Aphmau by TracytheSneak Emerald Secret Aphmau :icontracythesneak:TracytheSneak 6 0 Storm Plushie by TracytheSneak Storm Plushie :icontracythesneak:TracytheSneak 5 0
GZTale: Papyrus's Human Servant's Daughter Ch. 8
Shortly after Toriel finished her book, Piper was sound asleep on the rug at Toriel's feet. She sighed and picked up Piper and took her to her room then placed her on her bed. She placed the blankets softly on Piper and kissed her goodnight. Toriel turned off the lamp light, then found a key on the ground next to a music box. She decided to play the music box so Piper would stay asleep. A peaceful sound fills the room as Toriel exited the bedroom.
Shortly after, Ganz quietly opened the door to check on Piper to see if she is still asleep. When he looked inside he saw Piper wide awake, sitting up straight, staring into Ganz's eye sockets.
"Uh... Kid... It's time to go to bed... Tori asked me to check on you..." Ganz said sweating. Piper doesn't budge, say a word, or blink. She just stares at Ganz blankly.
"Uhh... Kid... It's polite to respond when someone tells you to do something... Like by uh... Nodding your head or...uhh... Moving?"
Piper's eyes slowly turned from black to red, her h
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Piper!! by TracytheSneak Piper!! :icontracythesneak:TracytheSneak 3 5
GZTales: Papyrus's Human Servant's Daughter Ch. 7
Once they got back Toriel had just finished making a butterscotch-cinnamon pie and she was adding some whipped cream on top. Undyne was outside practicing attacking a dummy.
"Oh! Heya Sans! Hi punk!" Undyne waved to the two of them. Piper ran over to Undyne and gave her a hug and showed her the spider doughnuts that she got.
"Oh, those things? Aren't they over priced in the Ruins?" Undyne asked Piper, kneeling down to look at the doughnuts. "Nao, dey were sweven gold each! And dey are mwade of spooders fwor spooders!" Piper smiled proudly.
"It's her money so I let her. Is that bscotch cinnamon pie I smell?" Ganz asked. Undyne looked at Ganz confused but dealt with it. She stood up and made some spears appear and attacked the dummy which made it fall over.
"So close... I'm trying to actually destroy it so I'm ready just in case Papyrus somehow gets in here," Undyne told Ganz and Piper. "He won't even know what hit him, that bastard."
Piper understood Undyne no matter what. She knows how
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Selfie!! Drawing by TracytheSneak Selfie!! Drawing :icontracythesneak:TracytheSneak 3 2 Supporting Piper x Lucifer by TracytheSneak Supporting Piper x Lucifer :icontracythesneak:TracytheSneak 2 3 Underfell!Piper by TracytheSneak Underfell!Piper :icontracythesneak:TracytheSneak 5 0
GZTales: Papyrus's Human Servant's Daughter Ch. 6
Piper thought that she was in trouble for telling the truth from Ganz's expression. Frisk was starting to get worried as well, and just as they were about to leave and get help, Ganz shot back into his senses.
"Sorry, I was supposed to be Adin's guardian after her sister," Ganz stopped and his pupils disappeared again as he shuddered at the thought of Adora died in front of him.
"Her sistwer wah?" Piper asked, being her curious self. Frisk also wanted to know what happened to Adora. Ganz looked at both of them and sat down.
"Welp, I guess it's story time," Ganz shrugged and motioned to them to sit down with him. "So, Undyne, Adora, and I went out to Snowdin to look for Adin. We came across Papyrus along the way, with Adin at his side. When Adin saw Adora, they immediately embraced each other. Adora took Adin to Hotlands while Undyne and Papyrus fought. When they two came back with me, Papyrus walked up to us, clapping. All of us were confused when Adora let out a small shriek. Adin sta
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Piper's Future Wedding Dress by TracytheSneak Piper's Future Wedding Dress :icontracythesneak:TracytheSneak 0 0


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Liana :3
This is fanart of my best friend, Torey’s oc, Lightro, and my oc, Storm’s child!

I tried to make her look young and accidentally made her look like a teen :/

Please do not steal my art

Liana belongs to Torey and myself

Woop! Tomorrow's Christmas Eve then Christmas day!!

Merry Christmas y'all!!

Yes, there is a delay on Papurus' Human Servant's Daughter because of school projects and other distractions so I'm sorry for the wait.

Again, Merry Christmas


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