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By tracyjb
My cat, Sebastian, and his signature cross-eyed blep.

This was done as a fur painting demonstration for Patreon supporters.  A process video is available to Patrons.
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© 2017 - 2021 tracyjb
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This is so cute!!!

Wonderful colors!  Nod 
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He is a real cutie ^^
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OMG I love this :D
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This remind of my cat and u have AMAZING art skill that I wanna be like u one day!!!! :3
Vanum-Chan's avatar
soooo cute, i realy like the eyes
GalaxyCat20's avatar
aww so cute Heart 
Cocoskylie's avatar
makes me cackle but warm on the inside too <3
SkyKristal's avatar
Still one of my favourites on here 💙
MaidenKore's avatar
Absolutely adorable. Is it just me or do Siamese and color points in general tend to be super more expressive than most cats? 
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He's absolutely adorable. <3
mbrsart's avatar
Awwww, he's adorable :3
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AAAAAH awesomeee
Quirky-Sebby's avatar
Haha, my name is Sebastian too! Can't say I've mastered this epic look yet though
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I keep this in my inbox. Everytime I see it I laugh. Love it.
pastel-the-fefrin's avatar
this reminds me of my cat but she is fluffyer and half of her face has the black
PhalanNimue's avatar
I'm watching you Britney Spears - Binocularney
AlbinoWafflez's avatar
I'm watching you more >:I
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