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The latest comic update. The whole canon comic can be read in the Archive.

This required a fair bit of packaging and ad research. Surprisingly, from a graphic design angle, some wrappers for long-lived popular candies haven’t actually changed all that much in the past ~90 years. The price sure has, though. Most single-serve, packaged candies were 5¢ in the 1920s.  Among them, Baby Ruth bars reigned supreme.

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Kaliko08's avatar
Rocky and Freckles seem more off than usual
Jamocha101's avatar
In this highly-anticipated episode: Rocky eyes up hunting paraphernalia while Freckle silently has a conniption over the propriety of quantitative peanut patronage. 
Liskaya's avatar
The style is amazing... O__O
GriswaldTerrastone's avatar
I was able to buy soda- including Coca-Cola- made with SUGAR! That's all you had, none of that high-fructose corn syrup garbage!

Wheeze, get off my lawn...

The lighting is great. It sets the mood so nicely.
Felinehare's avatar
the lighting is so soft and lovely, it's a great contrast in mood to the scene before
also that last panel is really cute
TheBannanaQuean's avatar
Balmung6's avatar
Before it seemed like Rocky had 'silly crazy' and 'psycho crazy' (the kind that argued about pancakes vs the one that babbled philosophy while shooting at people) - seems like getting headshot by that hearse got him stuck in the latter for the time being (not that I'm complaining, mind you :P)
LittleRunningMouse's avatar
yes, we have no bananas!
ShadowCatGamer's avatar
Your sets/locations are always so nice, I'm especially impressed with the level of detail for this one! For your backgrounds, do you use photo references at all, or do you just do it by ear?
CaptainHowardWebb's avatar
Beautiful work as always! Cheers! :D
AlexaMORO's avatar
I just adore your comic
Jsekela77's avatar
Freckle looks so f***in done lmaoooooo

"bitch fine I'll grab an armful" xD
Fyrepyromaniac's avatar
Hey, be nice to mudbug! He's a dear!
TrueGrimReaper64's avatar
I still say you've really captured a lost soul from the American yesteryear here. Just a vibe I get from this whole comic that I can't shake, and I love it. There's just an authenticity there from the amount of research it's clear you put into it. I'm getting a nostalgic feeling from an era I've never lived, and it's enough to make this history major fall in love with the past all over again.
VioletFuzzypelt's avatar
I absolutely adore how much research you put into this!
CorneliusOiwer's avatar
dats some nice symbolism with the chessboard.
Bea-The-Cat's avatar
I hope Freckle can take a nice shower after all of this.
MechanicOverlord's avatar
Poor kid, he just tries so hard to be nice.
MaggiefromSpace's avatar
I love how he puts his arm across the phone protectively XD
GavinMichelli's avatar
Every panel is like it's own beautiful painting!!
Gwifitz's avatar
The style, the humor, the face and body expressions... it always blow my mind how you're able to convey so much emotions into anthropomorphic characters! I don't think I'll ever get tired of your work!
RobinTheBard's avatar
lolz he went from one solitary peanut on the counter to grabbing like an ARMFUL of peanuts XD
scarvig1's avatar
well mayhap he only had a quarter on hand? that makes um.... 25x10= 250 peanuts XD
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