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April 6, 2009
Full of vibrant colors, intricate details and great expressions, Lackadaisy Voodoo by *tracyjb is an impressive piece. Be sure to full view this one!
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Lackadaisy Voodoo

I was itching to do some digital painting, I suppose, and also to pay a little attention to the Marigold characters since they haven't yet been introduced in the course of the comic. I went with the Voodoo theme after Serafine's interests (she's dressed as a mambo, um, in her own unusual style, in case it's not apparent what she's wearing). It seemed well suited to all of the characters really, and was quite a lot of fun.
This started as a pencil sketch - painting was done in Photoshop.
Yes, I know it's not sepia toned like most of the rest of the Lackadaisy artwork, but for this particular illustration, sepia just wasn't going to cut it. =P

Mordecai, Serafine and Nico.

Thanks :iconjackalsgrin: for advice on the boxing wraps.

EDIT: Oh. Wow - thanks for the DD! =)
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901ART's avatar
Historyman14's avatar
We need a story on this.
Enrico1946's avatar
there's nothin hotter than a girl with a BAR :D
Ultradoom333's avatar
Tobassinesia's avatar
Gaaaah, awesome!! :excited:
And, of course, Mordecai would never allow himself to be covered in colourful beads... =P
girlofhearts101's avatar
This is TOO COOL!!!:heart:
Chips13's avatar
I love Serafine, she looks so cool. I hope we get to see her more in the future.

Amazing artwork by the way, I expect nothing less from you!
Swifthands's avatar
very cool for cats. i dig it.
Angryspacecrab's avatar
remeber that old show tail-spin
PaDasia's avatar
Your just make me want
ottersauce's avatar
can't wait for these character to come seriously in play in the story!
AdrianoVidal87's avatar
Your art is amazing! Congratulations!
JadoaEsraOhn's avatar
Very nice! I love the art style, reminds me of 50's America. The skull and flowers complement each other very well- I don't think either would work as well without the other. I can't pin exactly what it is I like about this. It's just great.
strange-perfection's avatar
i've seen the website for this. i LOVE it =) it's the best thing ever.
NoctalisM's avatar
they are perfect!
jakspigot's avatar
that is the best B.A.R. i have ever seen
in other words Niiiiiiiiiiiiceeee
LukeWolfy's avatar
Ehi!! The black cat with guns is so angry that he seems Hitman!! And the other two...seem a couple of maniac assassins!! Oh My!!
HushedSongbird's avatar
Their expressions are so vividly done! :heart: The lady there looks awesome, and I like the design of her outfit. X3
Ronko3's avatar
Bravissimo spettacolare e magno a pasta tutte e mattine!
ClinicallyRepressed's avatar
Once again, Mordecai is still as bad-ass as ever!
An amazing piece!
IceApe's avatar
I see the cat skull and crossbones and I think of "Lackadaisy Pirates". lmao
Over all though, you captured the sort of character I perceived Serafine to be.
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