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Lackadaisy Voodoo
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I was itching to do some digital painting, I suppose, and also to pay a little attention to the Marigold characters since they haven't yet been introduced in the course of the comic. I went with the Voodoo theme after Serafine's interests (she's dressed as a mambo, um, in her own unusual style, in case it's not apparent what she's wearing). It seemed well suited to all of the characters really, and was quite a lot of fun.
This started as a pencil sketch - painting was done in Photoshop.
Yes, I know it's not sepia toned like most of the rest of the Lackadaisy artwork, but for this particular illustration, sepia just wasn't going to cut it. =P

Mordecai, Serafine and Nico.

Thanks :iconjackalsgrin: for advice on the boxing wraps.

EDIT: Oh. Wow - thanks for the DD! =)
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Comments (1044)
901ART's avatar
901ART|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very cool
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Historyman14's avatar
We need a story on this.
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Enrico1946's avatar
Enrico1946|Hobbyist Writer
there's nothin hotter than a girl with a BAR :D
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Ultradoom333's avatar
Very cool. 
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Tobassinesia's avatar
Gaaaah, awesome!! :excited:
And, of course, Mordecai would never allow himself to be covered in colourful beads... =P
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girlofhearts101's avatar
This is TOO COOL!!!:heart:
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Chips13's avatar
I love Serafine, she looks so cool. I hope we get to see her more in the future.

Amazing artwork by the way, I expect nothing less from you!
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Swifthands's avatar
very cool for cats. i dig it.
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Angryspacecrab's avatar
remeber that old show tail-spin
Reply  ·  
PaDasia's avatar
Your artwork...it just make me want to...to...
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redflowerblooming's avatar
redflowerblooming|Hobbyist General Artist
Mordecai!! :D
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ottersauce's avatar
ottersauce|Hobbyist Digital Artist
can't wait for these character to come seriously in play in the story!
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AdrianoVidal87's avatar
AdrianoVidal87|Professional Digital Artist
Your art is amazing! Congratulations!
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JadoaEsraOhn's avatar
JadoaEsraOhn|Hobbyist Writer
Very nice! I love the art style, reminds me of 50's America. The skull and flowers complement each other very well- I don't think either would work as well without the other. I can't pin exactly what it is I like about this. It's just great.
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strange-perfection's avatar
strange-perfection|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i've seen the website for this. i LOVE it =) it's the best thing ever.
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NoctalisM's avatar
they are perfect!
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jakspigot's avatar
jakspigot|Student Artist
that is the best B.A.R. i have ever seen
in other words Niiiiiiiiiiiiceeee
Reply  ·  
LukeWolfy's avatar
LukeWolfy|Student Digital Artist
Ehi!! The black cat with guns is so angry that he seems Hitman!! And the other two...seem a couple of maniac assassins!! Oh My!!
Reply  ·  
HushedSongbird's avatar
HushedSongbird|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Their expressions are so vividly done! :heart: The lady there looks awesome, and I like the design of her outfit. X3
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PinkoPrint's avatar
PinkoPrint|Student General Artist
Very cool
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Ronko3's avatar
Bravissimo spettacolare e magno a pasta tutte e mattine!
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ClinicallyRepressed's avatar
Once again, Mordecai is still as bad-ass as ever!
Reply  ·  
An amazing piece!
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IceApe's avatar
I see the cat skull and crossbones and I think of "Lackadaisy Pirates". lmao
Over all though, you captured the sort of character I perceived Serafine to be.
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