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For most of the 1920s, windshield wipers were sold as separate accessories. Although some electric models were available, they were usually operated manually from a lever inside the vehicle. Driving a manual transmission car in a heavy rain before the days of power steering and anti-lock brakes, wiping the windshield yourself and defogging with your sleeve would have made for a fairly harrowing adventure.

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Comments (85)
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AsheSkyler|Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you for having this uploaded to dA. I usually read on the website, but this page would not load for some reason. =(
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Half-dude|Hobbyist General Artist
Ah good ol vacuum operated windshield wipers.
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AnathelaRen's avatar
'Pandora's truck'. XD XD I love it! Can't wait to find out what's next!
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Laughing-Jill's avatar
Rocky's oddly badass
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Genisay|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pandora's Pie Truck. XDD
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Myuniverseinabox|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Jfc these comics are amazing
The amount of detail and work put into these...
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crMeyer|Professional Digital Artist
Pie philosophy .. a noble curriculum!
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tarorae|Professional General Artist
I looove how you rendered the raindrops splashing off the step of the truck!
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Peaniko's avatar
Peaniko|Student Digital Artist
Man Rocky didn't need that crack on the head. Like things rattle around in there enough as it is! And you have such an eye for detail, like every panel is amazing to look at.
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Teasealot's avatar
I'm thinking Freckle is either on the roof of the truck, or under it. Just waiting for Rocky to open the back of the truck, step up inside to show his two new "friends" all the pie he's carrying and clear line of fire.
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Laugh-Butts's avatar
Laugh-Butts|Professional Digital Artist
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dreamingophelia|Professional General Artist
The suspance is killing me!!! (The Fire-face was spectacular anyway)
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warriorsofanimals|Hobbyist General Artist
I hope Freckle's in the truck and not somewhere else hiding lmfao
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CombotheBeehen's avatar
CombotheBeehen|Hobbyist General Artist
Finally a new update! I can't wait what's inside the truck ;w;
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Asahi-sensei's avatar
Asahi-sensei|Student Artisan Crafter
Gosh, Freckle's look on his face. 
Rocky is deep indeed but I reckon Freckle's deeper. 
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raininess's avatar
raininess|Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Who would deliver the pie?" GIF Steven Universe - Lapis Laugh   Gosh, I love Rocky. 
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Angry-Small-Friend's avatar
Angry-Small-Friend|Professional General Artist
I can't wait for Freckle to WRECK THESE GUYS YYEESS XD
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Deathbringerdragon's avatar
and that's why rocky's my favorite cat
just next to his cousin
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MechanicOverlord's avatar
You gotta give it to Rocky: for a sleep-deprived, skull-cracked maniac, he's got style.
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InkPawStudio777's avatar
InkPawStudio777|Hobbyist General Artist
"Pandora's Pie Truck,". Best.Line.Ever. XD
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iamSketchH's avatar
Weasel-face is about to learn that pie can be very bad for your health.
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gkillerb|Hobbyist Interface Designer
This is one of the most amazing comics I've found on here. I don't comment enough. Please keep this going! I love these characters! The detail and realism of the era is unbelievable!
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Thank you!
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Minecraftrailroader's avatar
Been watching and helping old Ford Model A's get around the hills of Branson, MO at the time of this commenting and even just being a support vehicle it has been harrowing to watch these cars go. Biggest issue has been the radiators boiling dry and overheating the motors. As for the wipers. . . .yeah they barely work. Very few use electric wipers on account of the strain on the six volt electrical systems. Instead if you had an "automatic" wiper, it was most likely vacuum operated. A line was ran from the intake manifold of the engine, up the driver side windshield post and to the wiper (Trico was a very common brand for these). As for the brakes, locking them up is a small concern to brake fade. When the brakes get used heavily they heat up, this heat cuts down the brake pads effectiveness to bite the drums and slow the car. Really digging the detail and thought/research done to have the characters properly interact with a 1920's world.
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