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Lackadaisy Sophistry

Drawn in response to the 10 or 11% of my tumblr ask box consisting of inquiries about waffles and pancakes and pancakes vs. waffles. (I promise I'm working on slightly less stupid things too).

Lackadaisy t-shirts are a thing now, in case there's any interest. They're available in men's and women's sizes.

Comic updates and other Lackadaisy stuff can be found on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.
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weeping-puzzle's avatar
love how he just straight up pulls a gun on him at the end
AgnosticDragon's avatar
I love the dialogue. You write such interesting comics.
Skizzly's avatar
Pancakes are great!... Uhh, now im hungry.
But this little story made me laugh so hard. Great work!
SandsBuisle's avatar
This should have a health warning on it. I'm dying here.
Redatomisk's avatar
cant breathe.... SUCH LOLS
LimpSeatBelt's avatar
Ok......syrup=drugs now XD
LivVirtual's avatar
The pancake mask. The gun.

This is good.
why aren't you writing for disney?
SheetaCrea's avatar
I'm laughing like crazy here!!!!!!!!!!! Haha!!!!
This is the best thing I've seen all year
zwammy's avatar
The last panel is pure gold, but the look on Mordy's face in the second to the last...
draxodus's avatar
So it IS the syrup!
Jensonator's avatar

Floweys everywhere
LoveoftheArts's avatar
Mordecai: (falls back on his gun) Get away from me waffle monster!
GreenLinzerd's avatar
jomaramos's avatar
Hahahaha he beat Mordecai in his own game!
ThatDudesDude's avatar
This might have something to do with English being my second language. But I'm struggling to understand what is actually being said here. Much Googling of words was done while reading this mini comic. Am i the only one?

I though i was good at English :'(
catboymech's avatar
Basically, Mordecai was defending waffles to Rocky. Rocky called him out on it, and Mordecai was like "I was just sticking up for waffles!" So he called Mordecai a liar and then they went back and forth until they created a paradox. Then he collapsed and got sticky, and Mordecai couldn't get his pretty fur sticky so he points a gun at Rocky.
ThatDudesDude's avatar
Thank you for explaining dear but i understood the comic well enough after searching some of the words on Google.
Rocky and Mordy might be having a philosophical discussion about waffles, but the language used is well over my head.

Thanks for explaining anyway.
Ultimus5's avatar
I will never look at breakfast the same way again.

Oh wait...

I only have cereal for breakfast... such is the tragic life of mine...
oewd's avatar
Make a print of this available please; our math department needs it in glorious glossy color.
ShatteredNik's avatar
This is by far my favorite XD "I was playing Waffle's advocate."
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