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Lackadaisy Pugnastics

By tracyjb
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A recent page from the latest "chapter" of Lackadaisy Volume 3.  Couple more to go.  I'll share them here early next week!

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Lackadaisy Gimmickry by tracyjb

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That part where Nico throws Mordacai his gun is just priceless.
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:XD: Gosh, I love the wordless communication between Nico and Mordecai, those facial expressions are simply priceless. 
heath1010's avatar
Mordecai and Nico's shenanigans give me life
Bea-The-Cat's avatar
Nico it is very unprofessional to throw the gun at your partners face
Laughing-Jill's avatar
I genuinely like Nico. He's on of my favorites
Callyzah's avatar
Amazing as always!! :meow: :la: ^^
FidgetAwesomeSauce's avatar
I love Nico so very much
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Beautiful work Tracy.... love the subtle colour use.
All the best to you, Barry:pencil:
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So when I first read this, and Mordecai started asking for his gun, I thought the next panel was Gracie interrupting by nailing him with the broken one. I was like, "Ooh. Pragmatic!" 

What actually happened is also snappy and fun, though, and the follow-up expressions are great. 
DeseretGear's avatar
Mordecai's expressions after being hit in the face with a gun are the best things i have ever seen in my life
SyrinxFlute's avatar
loving the fisticuffs
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"Remember me? From over dere?" Oh my god I love you.Lovely comic! :3
Strawberry-Tate's avatar
The scene where he takes the gun in the face, I'm dead to laugh!
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Can totally relate. 
We say that often in Québec X)
Also wonderful art as always <3
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I absolutely love this page!
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I'll share them here early next week!
But-but-but the last page only aired a month back!

I am not ready for this much Lackadaisy. HAV - Julius Caesar
StardustAstro's avatar
love how he just throws the gun at his face 
TzaoTao's avatar
I have to say, your artwork is absolutely wonderful!

One Question though: what is the name of the assasinating dame?
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Thank you!
Her name is Serafine.
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thank you for the information, I'd also like to know when Serafine first showed up if you'd be so kind to tell?
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