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Lackadaisy Process

I'm really, really sorry about the lack of update, guys. Struggling a lot with the comic lately.
I put this panel process rundown together for Draw! recently, though, and even though it's not very exciting, I figured at least it's something I could share in the meantime.

This process has gotten vastly more complicated since I started working on Lackadaisy. Pages used to be almost 100% pencil with just a little sepia tone added digitally. Now, after penciling, a panel often requires hours of additional work. (Put 12 or 15 panels together per page, and it adds up to at least part of the reason I fail so hard at regular updates.)

Other Lackadaisy stuff is here.
and Facebook announce site updates too.
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SalameMagico20102's avatar
This was incredibly useful. I'm struggling with value painting and I've learned somethings from this.
Tiffanikip's avatar
This is beautiful you really have a talent
Cassie-Draws's avatar
Your work is so inspiring. :D Really lovely seeing how the process goes~
Dream-Beam's avatar
It's amazing how you do most of it in pencils!!!
Katangacz's avatar
Oh, this is great process. Thanks for showing it! I really appreciate an idea with two sepia layers and masking. I have to try it. :)
I have just discovered your art and I am really happy, that finally I found this jewell of art. I will keep browsing your gallery, your art is amazing! :)
Im very jealous of you... Please keep the tutorials coming, I'd love to see a video of your process.
chill13's avatar
This is such a wonderful and informative breakdown.  Thank you for this!  I tried this technique because I just love the results in your comic.  Your black and white is just gorgeous! But I see what you mean about how long it takes.  I didn't even come close to the detail you do and it still took a very long time.   I don't think I mastered that lovely sepia tone you always achieve.…
Skeggjold-Oskdottr's avatar
I can't stop favoriting everything because it is all so fantastic!  I discovered your comic yesterday and finished it earlier today, because WOW it is great!  Keep up the good work!
Sloth-Wolf's avatar
Wolf: Don't you worry at all about the lack of updates, your comics are more than worth it!
CastleArt's avatar
Amazing. My idea of making a background is  line behind my characters. ;) which is very, very horrible.
shelly135's avatar
Thats some hard work. I applaud you :D (Big Grin) 
eyafarev's avatar
*falls backwards in chair at the complicated-ness of it all* :o (Eek) 

But its so good. Like gooey, melted, mozzarella cheese. 
OctoberOwl's avatar
How do you add the speech?
RedWireDesigns's avatar
Simply amazing! I don't know why I never thought to do sepia scenes like that...
GuenVanHelsing's avatar
This is so beautiful~ Thank you so much for sharing!!
Sekaryu's avatar
In step 3, did you color them normally and then just desaturate it, or did you just color it in gray scale?
MattLikesToDeviate's avatar
Ingenious design with the layers of sepia, I must say. I should try that...
confuzzledMia's avatar
wow.. thanks for sharing!
Paloway's avatar
Did you draw step 1-3 with Pencil? or Only step 1 with pencil? :)
Pi-Rex's avatar
Just what I was looking for. I'm out of adjectives do describe such awe. Just, Excellent Work!
bobtheladybug's avatar
this is awesome and i want to try these steps.
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