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Lackadaisy Pastiche

By tracyjb
Strayed from my usual approach to try something a little more in cartoon territory for Lackadaisy characters. I wish I had been more daring with the shapes overall, but it felt like good exercise anyway. I get lost in the process of over-rendering things for the comic. It's important to conscientiously try something different now and then.

For once, my PSD source file was neatly arranged with silhouettes, lines, colors, details, and texture on separate layers, so I've made that available for $2+ Patreon supporters.

Lackadaisy is on Patreon - there's extra stuff!
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LuckiestBlackCat's avatar

I love how you simplified each character while still retaining the essence of each one’s personality. Seeing them all laid out like this really highlights the diversity of your designs. There’s so much variety in shape, body type, height, posture, etc, so they would all still be recognizable even by silhoutte alone. Excellent work! ^^

IrishBecky's avatar
The whole cast is here! :D Love every one of these character designs
Hereiamyellow's avatar

The cartoon take worked fairly well. The personality has stayed with the characters as well as your visual talents, thanks for sharing!

NooGravity's avatar
Oh I love these character designs! :O <3 You get a really good feeling of how the characters might me ^^
StoneMan85's avatar
Awesome.  Love the comic designs.
Teremiao's avatar
Oh, lovely! Heart Love 
BoneyBackRivers's avatar
Has a cats don't dance feel to it
Maximum993's avatar
Hi, is this art available as a print?
miguelzuppo's avatar
love them all!
 awesome. Blown Away 
kwsapphire's avatar

Add a witty phrase to each, and they'd make EXCELLENT buttons, magnets, mugs, stickers, etc. I love this style, and it lends itself well to merch. :D

Rachet777's avatar
I love all your characters, Lackadaisy!
Attack-At-Dawn's avatar
I always loved how different each shape your characters are <3
they're all unique in everyway!
CancerousVillain's avatar
Oh my god!! They’re so colorful 
UNlucky0013's avatar
gah the style you have for your characters is exquisite. so friggin good
Neosilverpaws's avatar
Huh, the art style kinda remind me of an animated film I watched years ago called Cats can't Dance (at least I think it was that)
Elvelon's avatar
Very close! "Cats Don't Dance". :D
KlarkKentThe3rd's avatar
This is some great work.
Silvre's avatar
So beautiful! Agh I would totally watch a Lackadaisy show or movie in this style! It’d be amazing!
DrMistyTang's avatar
Beautiful shapes!!
sashamya's avatar
Dig the more cartoony style, there's a lot of flow to the figures. The shading you went with suits it well.
Bea-The-Cat's avatar
These are awesome!!! They'd make great stickers. I love how everyone's character came out in a simpler fashion, but they still carry the Lackadaisy flair. I love it!!!
CHeMnICORn's avatar

These came out great! Seems like a really great exercise to keep your designs loose and alive!

RobinVance's avatar
Your character designs blow me away. Lackadaisy is such an inspiration for me!
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