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Lackadaisy Occult

By tracyjb
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Augh, it's been so long since I've posted here.  I intend to change that, though.  Through the magic of Patreon, I'm working on Lackadaisy on a full time basis now, and I'm terribly excited about it.

This is just some more of the playing card art I've been slowly accumulating - Serafine as the queen of spades.

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The comic can read here
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Lityrden's avatar
Meow! I love all your kitties so badass and cute!cat lovey dance emoji 
Bea-The-Cat's avatar
Serafine is too badass for this dimension

(sorry Tracy, if you're getting annoyed by these comments!)
TheriverDee's avatar
is it weird that to me Serafine looks a lot like my cat, Lost.
mostly whitish with black spltoches on the head and a bit of grey on the tail, she even has the little ear swirls.
Moonstone27's avatar
Serafine is absolutely gorgeous and I love her outfits she gets to wear in this comic:D!
Devilgirl007's avatar
Love how you did her outfit.
dawningofdesire's avatar
this is pretty awesome.
bluemountain01's avatar
I'de buy the deck to!
alexander-four's avatar
Full-time on Lackadaisy - YUSS!

Yeah I haven't been on DA in a while...
YourHumbleHost's avatar
If this was a full deck I'd so buy it. You're world and characters makes me want to be apart of it. It's really intriguing.
Andarelle's avatar
Absolutely stunning!! Very exciting that you get to work on Lackadaisy full time now!! Really hanging out for the next book volume to come out :D
Dreamkeepers's avatar
The green-tinted rim lighting is the absolute perfect touch- sets her off from the crimson roses, yet ties her in to the viridian backdrop.  And that thorn motif- fabulous.

If there's ever a card deck for sale in the future- fingers crossed- I'm absolutely buying at least two decks.  One to enjoy the hell out of, and one to preserve for it's aesthetic awesomeness.
MyScribbles's avatar
I love how you draw Serafine, she's my favourite so far and strangely enough Spades is my favourite card suit and it fits her really well. I don't find it easy to identify with most characters but as soon as I saw her, I felt that connection. :D keep up the good work~! :heart:
Absolutely stunning work! :heart:
blackdog9's avatar
Fabulous outfit :nod:
NitrousSkull's avatar
This would be a better Poker cards to play.

I do get confused that the voodoo priest is a girl or boy in the comics?
Nanenna's avatar
Ugh, all the details you do always blow me away!
Sillade's avatar
The rose is juste her flower, beautiful, red like blood and with bonus sharp thorns of death :P This looks so beautiful. And I love the Art Nouveau design in the spade. Plus, bonus green. I love green ^^
meekchild's avatar
Love her outfit, especially the laces at the sleeves.
TheSUNGlassKid's avatar
What are you going to do with the numbers?
Evergreen1127's avatar
Youki-ko's avatar
i hope you'll release a full card game soon! :D awesome cards :)
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