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Lackadaisy Noir

By tracyjb
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Some poster artwork I did for a recent noir themed convention.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to put a little 1940s spin on Lackadaisy for the event.

Lackadaisy is on Patreon - there's extra stuff!
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This is absolutely amazing! :faint: 
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Beautiful work! This image is so rich in texture, perspective, light and shadow, and perspective, it seems like the longer I look, the more I find to appreciate. Mitzi's glove stands out to me in particular, I love the subtle folds in the fabric and how well the form of her hand shows beneath. The figure reflected in Mordecai's glasses is a great touch too. I agree with the other commenters, this would make one great poster to sell!
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I can hear the jazz.
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Brilliant work!
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Unreal.  The details, the shading, the textures... unbelieveable.
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"I knew she was trouble the moment she walked into my office. I'd later learn just how much. She told me she needed me to help solve her husband's murder. I had read about it in the papers. They called it an accident. She laughed, saying the cops could call it an accident all they wanted, but there were many that wanted her husband to take the big sleep. My gut was telling me she was on that waiting list somewhere. Her tone was sincere, like a loving, supportive wife should be. But her eyes were telling me otherwise. She told me to name my price, that money was no object. But something told me I would end up doing this case gratis, whether I wanted to or not."
tracyjb's avatar comment^^^
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I could stare at your luxurious illustrations for the rest of my life.
NoirTested I just love the shadows the lines the detail in the style I love it all
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This has such a great atmosphere, it gives me chills. Mitzie is a bombshell.
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Awesome! It also takes me back to the movie "Cats Can't Dance" but with more of an mafia vibe.Mafia Coinflipper kill the dead 
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Will this ever be a print for sale? Because I would love to buy one!
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Damn you kill me. 
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This awesome art is featured in Voyage to the Unknown: Anthro :aww: :heart:
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This is the definition of " beautiful " in my opinion. 1920s fashion at his finest.
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This is gorgeous! Damn pretty!
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