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Another otherworldly breakfast with Rocky and Mordecai (stemming from a reader question).

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old day acid trips be like

That got dark quickly
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Sheldon knows too
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*chuckles* Oh poor poor Mordecai.For after he saw the unspeakable unseen world within our world.......he looked like that one famous screaming painting by Edvard Munch.
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I love this sooo much LOL
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I can't stop laughing! XD
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XD This is so cute. 
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W A I T  J U S T  A  M I N U T E . . .

Rocky and Mordecai...
Rock and Morde...
Rick and Morty...

R I C K  A N D  M O R T Y

please kill me
ArteaLanora's avatar a terrifying explanation....though now that i think about it, this is the only logical option...
This much.
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I love this so much that I keep coming back! Can't help but love Rocky. Sigh.
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so...all this time they were amoebas?...interesting theory dear boy
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I thought about Cthulu
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That's like what happened in American Dad.

"What was in that tea?"
"A very light opiate, but that has nothing to do with the vision you're seeing."
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ahhh........... I'm completely out of words ..........*^*
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Expand your mind and imbibe the essence of the void...while supplies last.
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OMG!! I've been away for so long I almost forgot about you! It's so perfect.
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Love the ending
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Great illustration!
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Rocky plays hardball.
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