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Lackadaisy Hugsperiment

By tracyjb
A response to a question from a Patreon supporter.  (Thanks to Garrett S. for the prompt!)

In other news, there is now a Lackadaisy Discord server!  Come by and chat about comics, games, cats, history and art!

The canon comic can be read at the Lackadaisy web site. (There is currently more content posted there than there is here.)
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MissKickshaw's avatar
"The Stranglehold Stugglegrip" XD
BigBoss1233's avatar
Rocky with the goggles is the clear winner.
CyberWolf09's avatar
The Bear-Hug Piledriver: I'm surprised he didn't die from that, then I remembered this is Rocky were talking about and he can survive anything
KobietaFeniks's avatar
I love cats! They are indenpendent creatures, beatiful and dangerous and secretive!
96erickamatoshi69's avatar
Independientes......mi familia dejaría de quererlos si supieran eso
HectorBoloMK33FTW's avatar
It's hard to tell if Mordecai isn't huggable...or if he just doesn't want Rocky to hug him.
FangsAndNeedles's avatar
So I guess the real answer is Rocky isn't it? lol
captain-pie's avatar
YO THAT LADY CAT THO!!! So cruel. ;3;
But yo tho, science cat is adorable.
LunaPeachieWasHere's avatar
A piledrive is still technically a hug.
Randomnessgirl101's avatar
These guys are all so cute and look hugable. XD 
JNerd300's avatar
That icon is that Nightvale?!
Randomnessgirl101's avatar
Yeah! Nightvale inspired anyway! 
ldjessee's avatar
I think your art is incredible and every so often check back and look at Lackadaisy Cats!
Rosealmond's avatar
beautiful! :squee: 
blinkingstarBS's avatar
OKAY! I love this artist!!!!! youre so talented and amazing!!!!! I would die to see them in some steampunk style of clothing!!!!!
dafirefrog's avatar
The Stranglehold Snuggle Grip! Gotta remember that one! :diabolic: 
OcioProduction's avatar
at the end of all, Rocky is the most huggable charachter!!!!! OF COURSE!!!!!! :la:
elgrafitorebelde's avatar
I loved Rocky's face in the Depressive-Agressive part

Zib: "...was it worth it?"
Rocky: "Yes, totally worth it. 0H0"

Also... OMG Mrs. Bapka is so cute, she reminds me of my grandmother (I also had to bend down to give her a hug.)


Meanwhile in the swamp

Serafine is actually petting Rocky's head as like if he's a actual cat.
The-Black-Wolf-Angel's avatar
GIVE ME THAT SNUGGLEGRIP (also a good depressive-aggressive)
erebus-odora's avatar
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