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Lackadaisy How-to-Draw

By tracyjb
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I had a few requests for a drawing tutorial for Lackadaisy so I figured, hey! Let's draw some stupid, whynot?
Originally, it had a painting tutorial included, but it was getting to be too long, so I truncated it. That part might make it onto when I hoist up there, though.
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Tangent-RHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much.  This was very helpful.  I'm no longer afraid of my sketches being too 'messy'.
GLoRToR's avatar
GLoRToR General Artist
I'll have you know that grilled cheese sandwiches are quite dangerous.
TechnoSchnauzer's avatar
TechnoSchnauzerStudent General Artist
Now I gotta figure out how to do a good sketch XD
Iissq's avatar
IissqHobbyist Digital Artist like joking?
Poi5onXDa66er's avatar
Poi5onXDa66erStudent Digital Artist
Really helpful! Thanks!
Moviedraws's avatar
MoviedrawsHobbyist Filmographer
Thank you so much, i really wanted to know how you do this x3
Texas-Red-Wolf's avatar
Texas-Red-WolfHobbyist Artist
yeah get sclaped by a burning grilled cheese sandwich.
Wolfywingedwolf's avatar
WolfywingedwolfHobbyist Digital Artist
.... Unruly pasta... You make me happy. I'm VERY happy I decovered you're comic and you're devianart thingy. And this tutorial, though I haven't learn much exempt that unruly pasta can be disciplined... This is wonderful!
ThatFancyTopHatKitty's avatar
ThatFancyTopHatKittyHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, this is amazing. I love this xD
SergeantPanther's avatar
SergeantPantherHobbyist Digital Artist
I have tried to destroy half of my town with a cheese sandwich, didn't work. This is probably a different kind of cheese;P
SoleWorker's avatar
SoleWorkerStudent Digital Artist
You have some of the most vibrant anthros ive seen!
CaptainCrabcakes's avatar
CaptainCrabcakesStudent General Artist
Could you please make that tutorial on how to eliminate unuseful friends and destroying cities with grilled cheese sandwiches, the last one may prove useful for me.
blueDice69net's avatar
blueDice69netHobbyist Traditional Artist
My problem is how I draw in 3D ? I could many different Cubes, balls and other body draw. But The body doesn't really 3D.
spiritsong's avatar
All of the awesome thanks for the kickass tutorial your characters really...pop :)
Tempest-Star's avatar
Tempest-StarHobbyist Digital Artist
I ya think you could possibly critique my works and help me a bit?
Here they are;
CardinalCompanion's avatar
CardinalCompanionHobbyist Digital Artist
Instructions were too clear.
I have now become an idiot.
Onwards to stupid adventures!
suztopia's avatar
suztopiaProfessional General Artist
LOL hilarious and oh so helpful. Thanks!!!
Lorecek's avatar
I LOVE this, your drawing style, your characters, the sense of humour and I really really hope you'll make more tutorials! I find them very usefull and it's a pleasure to practise drawing according to them. Thanks <3
InnerBushman's avatar
*drools* ABSENCE OF MIND.  uuh... wat? 
Ponentguy's avatar
PonentguyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Mmm... that's a nice tutorial you made, I'll follow these steps, and one day, I'll post a decent drawing, and people will LIKE IT! (or at least they won't want to take their eyes out after wathing it)
Sooo thanks! 
Noviazi's avatar
NoviaziStudent General Artist
I saw this once before, and I'm so glad I found it again. It's so useful.
starcaster143's avatar
starcaster143Student Traditional Artist
Very entertaining and informative, thanks! :D (Big Grin) 
Ghastasaur's avatar
GhastasaurHobbyist General Artist
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